Netanyahu vows all-out war against Hamas

Netanyahu, emphasizing the seriousness of the situation, urged Gaza residents to evacuate: “Leave now.”

After the unexpected attack by Hamas, Prime Minister Netanyahu promised a harsh response as attacks in Israel continued.

Netanyahu announces strong retaliation against Hamas.

Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to use Israel’s full military might in response to the Hamas attack. During a speech, he declared that the  Israel Defense Forces would act decisively to neutralize Hamas.

Netanyahu, emphasizing the seriousness of the situation, urged Gaza residents to evacuate. At the same time, massive mobilizations of troops were deployed in preparation for a forceful military response.

Hamas’ actions left a preliminary toll of at least 300 victims in Israel and more than 1,500 injured. The south of the country and distant cities such as  Tel Aviv and  Jerusalem were bombed, all of this coinciding with the celebration of  Simchat Torah.

Joe Biden and world leaders support Israel.

The Israeli prime minister highlighted the international support he has received, especially from US President  Joe Biden. Netanyahu emphasized that this support guarantees Israel’s freedom of action to confront the terrorist threat.

Without mentioning details, it emerged that the Israeli cabinet, predominantly with hardline leanings, supported the decision to act decisively against Gaza. Netanyahu underscored his nation’s determination to protect its citizens.

Tensions remained, and clashes persisted in Israeli territory. Areas such as  Sderot,  Kibbutz Be’eri,  Kibbutz Kfar Aza and  Ofakim were epicenters of violent clashes and hostage situations.

The Hamas threat and the Israeli response

Hamas has unleashed an unprecedented wave of violence, affecting daily life in Israel. Israeli forces are committed to locating and neutralizing emerging threats while retaliation against enemy positions in Gaza continues.

For his part, Defense Minister  Yoav Gallant emphasized the seriousness of the situation and promised that Israel would take drastic measures against Hamas. The message was clear: Israel will not tolerate attacks on its people and will respond with all its force.

Previously, a senior Israeli military official warned Hamas of the serious consequences of its actions, reaffirming Israel’s determination to defend its territory and people.

Repercussions and casualties after the conflict

In a television address, US President  Joe Biden reaffirmed his unwavering support for Israel and its right to defend itself from terrorist attacks.

Hebrew media reports indicated a total of more than 300 dead and at least 1,590 injured in Israel due to the attacks. On the other hand, in the  Gaza Strip, the  Palestinian Ministry of Health reported at least 232 deaths and 1,700 injuries, many of which resulted from Israeli reprisals.