Netanyahu: The goal is to eliminate Hamas once and for all

Prime Minister Netanyahu vowed that the war will continue until a clear victory over Hamas is achieved.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the full Knesset on Monday, which reconvened for the first time since the Simchat Torah massacre, in which Hamas terrorists murdered more than 1,300 Israelis.

Prime Minister Netanyahu vowed that the war will continue until a clear victory over Hamas is achieved. “There are many questions about the disaster, we will investigate everything and have begun to apply the immediate lessons, but we are focused on coming together and moving forward. It will take time; sacrifices are required, but we will win because it is about our own existence in the region.”

“Our goal is a crushing victory over Hamas and eliminating its threat to Israel once and for all. The conditions [for this victory are] unity and determination. I want to thank the coalition and opposition MPs who support the war effort and work to help all citizens. I thank the citizens of Israel – Jews and non-Jews – who fight with sacrifice and heroism. In this campaign, we are all together; all of Israel is a guarantor for others,” he said.

Netanyahu told Iran and Hezbollah: “Do not test us; today, your price will be much higher. I say in Hebrew what [US President Joe] Biden said: be careful.”

He added: “I was in the house where the murderers massacred [a family] on the first floor, they found the hidden room where the children were hidden, and I can only imagine what went through the children’s minds in their last moments. “Our hearts go out to the families of the victims and those injured.”