Twelve allied countries will participate from April 24 in a large-scale anti-submarine warfare exercise in the North Atlantic.

NATO-led Exercise Dynamic Mongoose is a LIVEX exercise held annually in the High North. This year will once again put the Alliance to the test with complex scenarios where units will practice their response to underwater threats in the demanding environment of the Norwegian Sea.

These exercises allow allies and teams to hone their capabilities and work on new tactics while improving interoperability, coordination, and teamwork.

The exercise will help the forces work together effectively as an Alliance and develop better interoperability in the ASW arena. 

The sister routine to Dynamic Manta. A similar gathering of anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare forces from nine partner nations occurred in the Central Mediterranean in February 2016.

“These exercises allow our Allies and teams to hone their capabilities and work on new tactics while improving interoperability, coordination and teamwork,” said Rear Admiral Stephen Mack, NATO Submarine Commander. Submarines of four Allied nations will practice hunting and being hunted during the 11 days of the exercise.

Participants will undertake a series of challenging tasks involving up to 15 surface ships from 10 partner nations. Maritime patrol aircraft from seven allied countries will provide support from the air.

Participating units will use regional air bases to hone their ASW and ASUW techniques in the seas between Norway, the Faroe Islands and Iceland.

In order to ensure that all units have the necessary skills to cope with any danger in the subterranean realm, the training will be extremely intensive and involve dynamic scenarios.

Iceland is the primary host country for the exercise. The participating countries are Germany, Canada, Denmark and the Faroe Islands, Spain, the United States, France, Iceland, Norway, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal and the United Kingdom.

Exercise Dynamic Mongoose will ensure crews are prepared to respond to threats posed by submarine forces and demonstrate that the Alliance is prepared to defend all Allies. NATO is a defensive Alliance that stands ready to respond to any threat against the Allies from any direction. 

Nearly a dozen MARCOM-led maritime exercises take place annually, including Dynamic Mongoose and many more national exercises to boost Alliance defense readiness.

MARCOM is the central command for all NATO maritime forces, and its commander is the Alliance’s chief maritime adviser. Like its ground and air counterparts (LANDCOM and AIRCOM), MARCOM reports directly to NATO’s Allied Operations Command (ACO), based in Mons. (Belgium).

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