NATO AWACS help protect the Vilnus summit.

Aircraft from NATO’s Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) will provide aerial surveillance of the NATO Summit. Flying over allied airspace, NATO AWACS will monitor the skies of the Summit to be held in Vilnius (Lithuania) from July 11-12.

During the two days of the Summit, the support of NATO AWACS is a key element for the security of this high-level event. Modified Boeing 707 aircraft are equipped with long-range radar and passive sensors. They can detect potential threats, such as aircraft, missiles and drones, at a distance of 400km, making them NATO’s last eye in the sky. NATO AWACS provides Allies with a recognized aerial picture that ensures decision-makers the best possible information.

Since the start of Russia’s unprovoked war in Ukraine, NATO has increased its presence in Eastern Europe and the Baltic Sea region with more fighter jets, tanker planes and also surveillance planes. AWACS conducts regular patrols over the region to follow air movements near NATO borders and thus contribute to the security of the Alliance.

NATO AWACS also routinely patrols the skies to help secure large public events such as NATO Summits and other high-profile events such as international soccer tournaments or the Olympics.

NATO AWACS help protect the Vilnus summit.AWACS

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