The Ministry of Health confirmed that, as a result of the Hamas attack, the number of wounded treated in hospitals has reached 2,048.

Official balance of the   Israeli Ministry of Health

The  Ministry of Health confirmed that, following the  Hamas attack, the number of wounded treated in hospitals has reached 2,048. Of these, 20 people are in critical condition, while 330 have serious injuries.

The figures indicate that among those killed, there are dozens of soldiers and police officers who directly confronted the terrorists.

The Israeli army continues to confront the aggressors in the border areas, even after 30 hours of the start of the assault.

Evacuation of civilians in areas near the border

The Israeli army is in the process of evacuating civilians from several cities near the border with the Gaza Strip. Among the towns mentioned are Nahal Oz, Erez, Nir Am, and Mefalsim, among others.

The  IDF  (Israel Defense Forces) reported, “Further evacuations will be carried out based on the assessment of the situation.”

The military spokesman,  Daniel Hagari, told the press that his main mission in the next 24 hours is to “evacuate all residents living around Gaza.” He added that the evacuation will be carried out after a “proper scan of the territory” to ensure the absence of terrorists.

Military operation in response to the attack

Military spokesman  Daniel Hagari stated that “tens of thousands of combat soldiers are in the area.” The goal is clear: “We will reach each and every community until we kill all the terrorists in Israel.”