MLRS: The weapon that changed the game and saved Ukraine

MLRS: The weapon that changed the game and saved Ukraine

The war in Ukraine has been one of the longest and most devastating conflicts in Europe, and it has seen a surprising twist thanks to one of the most powerful and precise weapons ever created: the MLRS.

The start of the conflict

At the start of the war in Ukraine, Russia began indiscriminately attacking civilian areas, national institutions, hospitals, and other targets in an effort to terrorize and kill Ukrainians. The population did not back down but instead mounted a defensive effort and a counterattack that stunned the world. However, to stop these Russian attacks, a solution was needed.

The role of the MLRS

President Zelensky called for MLRS, Multiple Launch Rocket Systems. The reason was clear: Ukraine did not have sufficient air superiority to destroy the Russian rocket launchers from the air, and the rockets were being fired from several hundred kilometers away, which is beyond the range of standard 155 artillery.

MLRS and GPS-guided GMLRS began to arrive in sufficient numbers, an event that clearly turned the tide of war in favor of the Ukrainian resistance. Large numbers of rockets began to arrive, and soon after, the Ukrainians began to launch some successful counter-attacks and retake territory.

The importance of HIMARS

MLRS and GMLR can fire from truck-mounted HIMARS launchers, known as High Mobility Rocket Systems. Loaded in the back of a Family of Medium Tactical Vehicle (FMTV) truck, these weapons can position and fire precision-guided rockets with a range of 80 km from tactically advantageous positions. His arrival probably saved and continues to save thousands of Ukrainian lives.


HIMARS, which stands for High Mobility Artillery Rocket System, is a mobile rocket launcher used by ground forces. It is designed to move quickly and deliver accurate firepower to enemy targets.

HIMARS is mounted on wheels, so it can easily move across different types of terrain. This allows it to be quickly deployed and repositioned on the battlefield to provide the most needed support.

The main weapon of HIMARS is the M270 Multiple Launch Rocket System. It can fire different types of rockets, including the Guided MLRS and Army Tactical Missile System. These rockets have different ranges and capabilities, allowing HIMARS to engage targets at various distances.

One of the advantages of HIMARS is its precision. It has advanced targeting and guidance systems that help it hit targets accurately, reducing the risk of hitting friendly forces or causing unnecessary damage. The Guided MLRS rockets, in particular, are very accurate and can be used against both stationary and moving targets.

HIMARS extends the range and firepower of ground forces. It can be used in different types of military operations, either as part of a larger force or on its own. It’s flexibility, and lethal firepower make it a valuable asset for both offensive and defensive missions.

In addition to conventional warfare, HIMARS can also be used in counterinsurgency and counterterrorism operations. Its ability to deliver precise strikes from a safe distance helps protect friendly forces and support operations in complex environments.

Overall, HIMARS is a highly capable and versatile mobile rocket launcher. Its mobility, accuracy, and flexibility make it an important tool for ground forces, providing them with long-range firepower and enhancing their effectiveness on the battlefield.

MLRS: The weapon that changed the game and saved Ukraine

The impact of MLRS

The success of the HIMARS and GMLRS did not go unnoticed in the Pentagon, as the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, was quoted as saying: “We are seeing real and measurable progress from Ukraine in the use of these systems. For example, the Ukrainians have hit more than 400 targets with the HIMARS and have had a devastating effect.”

The arrival of the MLRS and HIMARS has been crucial in the Russian-Ukrainian armed conflict, saving lives and turning the tide of the war. The precision and range of these systems have been a key factor in the Ukrainian resistance, and their impact has not gone unnoticed.

These weapons have met the need for an effective solution to stop Russian long-distance attacks, whose precision has allowed the Ukrainians to retake territory and hit strategic objectives in the war.