Military Officials In a Senate Hearing Said, They Urged Biden Against Afghanistan Withdrawal


Top Pentagon officials spoke before the public that they believe it was a historic mistake to withdraw all American troops from Afghanistan for the first time.

The Chairman of The USA Joint Chief of Staff, General Mark Milley, said that the USA’s immediate withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan had given a huge setback to the USA’s image and credibility throughout the world amid the political turmoil in Afghanistan.

The news came up when the top-level Military Officials were busy giving testimony before a high-level Senate committee on Tuesday. During the hearing, rigorous questions were made by the lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. Both the Democratic and Republican lawmakers had criticized the confusing and disorganized withdrawal of USA troops.

The criticism over Government’s action became more highlighted as, during this mammoth evacuation, thirteen USA troops were killed by the ISIS terrorist group attack near Kabul airport.

It was revealed that Top military officials had strongly recommended the USA president Joe Biden keeping at least 2500 troops standing by on the soil of Afghanistan.

They also warned president Biden about the Taliban, which is still indifferent regarding ending its complete ties with the terror outfit Al Qaeda. All of these became clearer when the White House press secretary Jen Psaki admitted that Joe Biden had given split advice from the top-level leaders regarding the military pullout from Afghanistan, which the United States of America invaded 20 years ago in response to the 9/11 terrorist attack In New York and Washington.

The Senate Armed Services Committee members made an intense interrogation of 6 hours with the USA’s chairman, joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley; commander of USA Central Command, General Kenneth Mckenzie; and the defense secretary Lloyd Austin. The subject of interrogation was the USA’s sudden withdrawal from Afghanistan when it faced dramatic political turmoil and the chaotic evacuation of USA troops from Kabul Airport.

Moreover, before the Senate Committee, General Milley and General McKenzie testified that they strongly recommended keeping 2500 USA troops on the ground of Afghanistan. General Milley also said that the USA’s pullout from Afghanistan amid a political crisis and Taliban invasion deeply damages the American credibility throughout the world.

Milley said that the American credibility with its allies and partners throughout the world and with the adversaries is seriously reviewed by the Senate committee and analyzing how all the matters are going through. All the possible thing they could think is only “Damage.” He adds that the American policy is not changed yet towards the Taliban. It is a terrorist organization and, in the future, will remain a terrorist organization forever for America.

He also says that the future will tell whether the Taliban can consolidate its power in Afghanistan or go for further civil war. But the prime duty of him and his teammates is to protect every American people from any threat or terror attack ensure by Afghanistan.

In April 2021, the president of the USA, Joe Biden, initiated a complete pullout of USA forces from the war-torn country Afghanistan. Biden gave the deadline of 31st August 2021, within which USA forces should remove. This ended the 20 years of a long journey of the USA in Afghanistan. This decision was not Biden’s own; he was following the previous agreement signed between former USA president Donald Trump and the Taliban. Still, he was hugely criticized for his decision to bring back USA troops home.

A nationwide poll was conducted in the USA after the Taliban’s takeover of Kabul. It showed that Joe Biden’s approval rating as president came down to 43 percent, and shockingly, it was all low rating. The majority of people of America disliked how Biden childly managed America’s foreign policy regarding Afghanistan. Many people believed that the USA’s foreign policy regarding Afghanistan ends with complete failure, proving Afghanistan as a “graveyard of empires.”