Mike Day

This is a story of the survival incident of Mike Day, Senior chief of Navy SEAL. Day was shot 27 times but luckily survived to share the incredible story of that attack.

It was the year of 2007, when al qaeda was attacking US troops. Navy SEAL Mike Day led a team to raid at al Qaeda in the Anbar region of Iraq. Mike never got shot ever before before this raid.

Sixth day of April 2007 was an extremely bad day for Mike. While leading the team, Mike entered the room and faced violent firing by three al-Qaeda militants. Those gunners kept on firing till 27 bullets.

Mike was having armor over body so 11 bullets were in-effective but the next 16 penetrated deep. He received heavy wounds and tried to take cover but it was not the worst case.

He was lying after getting attacked by bullets. Just a few feets away from him a grenade explosion happened. This explosion left him unconscious and energyless.

Mike explained that he gathered a little courage in a minute and attacked back on al-Qaeda fighters, he was successful in killing two of them with his pistol.

Mike remembered the day and explained the incident, after entering the room, he started getting continuous bullets. It seemed as if he was getting beaten by someone continuously with sledgehammer.

Mike added, “God, get me home to my girls.’ That was my first prayer to God.” When combat stopped Day astonishingly stood up and walked to the medical aircraft.

It is hard to believe that Mike Day survived even after 16 penetration on multiple places on body. According to Mike he was shot on both legs, both arms, abdomen, two times in back and even once in scrotum.

After this fight ended Mike was flown away to Germany for further treatment, he got 3 cardiac arrest during flight out of Baghdad.

This Navy SEAL was hospitalised for 16 days during the course of treatment, Mike lost 55 pounds but he got discharged after this.

Mike was awarded the Purple Heart after this incident. He was also awarded bronze and silver stars and many other medals during his service period in the Navy.

After 21 years of long career in the Navy Mike retired in 2010 after a glorious service period.
After that he served as an advocate of wounded soldiers for SOCOM.

Soldiers have a spirit of never giving up, Mike Day is a true example of the spirit who lived it in their life and survived even after deep penetration of 16 bullets in his body.