Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks has supplied the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense with over 100 high-capacity Zetros trucks for defense and logistical reinforcement.

Acquisition and Delivery of Zetros to Ukraine

Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks has significantly delivered Zetros off-road trucks to the  Ukrainian Ministry of Defense. This acquisition, intended for logistical and military support tasks, will expand the country’s operational supply and defense capacity. Additionally, extensive service related to the vehicles was provided, such as training for drivers on handling and deploying these trucks with a cabin and rear engine.

It is relevant to mention that the funds for this purchase originated from the support initiative of the  German Government. This operation was monitored and executed in collaboration with the  German Foreign Ministry and the  German Ministry of Defense.

Previously, the Ukrainian Ministry of the Interior had already deployed  Mercedes-Benz Zetros trucks in disaster relief missions, demonstrating their usefulness in challenging contexts such as supplying supplies in areas with difficult access or removing debris.

Specifications and Capabilities of the Mercedes-Benz Zetros

The trucks delivered to Ukraine have permanent four-wheel drive and are optimized for different transport functions. Depending on their type, their authorized gross weight varies between 16.5 and 40 tons.

These vehicles, designed to withstand difficult terrain, incorporate the OM 460  six-cylinder diesel engine with powers ranging from 265 to 350 kW (360 to 476 hp). The 12.8-litre engine reaches a maximum torque of 2,300 Nm. In addition, the hood design stands out, allowing independent access to the engine compartment facilitating maintenance and repair work without compromising the protected space of the cabin.

The  Mercedes-Benz Zetros, with its 16-speed transmission and two-stage transfer case, is a benchmark in rough terrain. Its ability to traverse challenging terrain, coupled with a large slope, bank and fording angles, make it an optimal choice for complex tactical situations.

Driving Characteristics and Tactical Use of the Zetros

The strategic position of the seat, located behind the front axle, guarantees stable driving and optimal control of the vehicle, even at high speeds and on adverse road conditions. This setup gives drivers a tactical advantage on critical missions.

The  Zetros offers engageable differential locks, making it possible to maintain propulsion even when certain wheels lose traction. This aspect is essential in operations where the terrain may compromise the vehicle’s mobility.

Finally, the design of the  Zetros is focused on responding to the demands of difficult terrain, such as soft terrain, navigation through forests and steep terrain, consolidating it as a preferred choice for highly demanding military and logistical operations.