The M2020 tank, which was first unveiled in 2020 during a commemorative parade, has been in a show of force.

Premiere of the M2020 in a war demonstration

The M2020 tank, first unveiled in 2020 during a commemorative parade, has been in a show of force. The event marks the first time the tank has been seen in action, firing its 125mm gun.

Although information about this new vehicle is limited, it is believed to perform optimally in mountainous terrain and incorporates improvements in its fire control and advanced protection systems.

This latest combat exercise marks a milestone for the country, as this new tank is considered a significant evolution from the country’s previous models.

The lineage of North Korean tanks

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T-62 tank. Image credit: Creative Commons.

Tank production in North Korea has a long tradition. From the licensed construction of the Soviet T-62 tank to the design of local models, North Korea has shown its prowess in the production of main battle tanks.

The introduction of the Pokpung Ho model in the 2000s marked a quantum leap in the country’s armor technology, thanks to its 125mm main gun and advanced fire control systems.

Although some rumors point to Russian influence on North Korean tanks, the truth is that the country’s industry has matured remarkably, even offering upgrade packages for older Soviet vehicles.

The M2020 and its relevance in the military landscape

The M2020 emerges as a more powerful alternative to the Pokpung Ho, with improved capabilities for mountain operations and more advanced fire control systems.

North Korea and China are the only two nations to have independently developed two generations of novel tank designs after the Cold War.

The new M2020 tank is likely to be produced in large numbers, as was the case with the Pokpung Ho, of which more than 500 units were purchased.