Lockheed Martin surprises with the success of the  ER GMLRS  during a flight test at  White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico.

Outstanding results of the ER GMLRS in its flight test

The innovative ER GMLRS rocket, developed by  Lockheed Martin, demonstrated its superiority in a test flight at  White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico. This test carried out with the  US Army‘s  HIMARS® launcher, validated the missile’s superior performance in terms of trajectory, range and accuracy.

Prior to this demonstration, the ER GMLRS was subjected to rigorous stockpile-to-target sequence (STS) testing, which simulates the actual operating conditions of the missile from production to launch, thus ensuring its reliability and durability.

“The capability demonstrated in this test highlights the evolution of the GMLRS, delivering nearly twice the range with unmatched accuracy,” said  Jay Price, vice president of Precision Fires at Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control.

MLRS Ammunition Family: Adaptability and Evolution

The  MLRS Family of Munitions (MFOM)  has been designed to provide a diverse range of precision-attack rockets and missiles. This family has continually evolved, adapting to modern tactical demands.

With a capacity of 6 rockets per launch pod, and with configurations adaptable to the M270 and HIMARS launchers, the MFOM has proven to be a versatile and effective platform on the battlefield.

The new  ER GMLRS, which extends its range up to 150 kilometers, is a testament to this evolution. Sharing features with its predecessor, the ER GMLRS is equipped with a boosted engine and handling improvements.

Production and global deployment of GMLRS

Lockheed Martin has produced more than 60,000 GMLRS rounds, and production continues to rise. These systems are essential to the operations of the  US Army and  Marine Corps and international allies.

In addition to the production of unitary and alternative warhead GMLRS rockets, Lockheed Martin provides integrated logistical support, guaranteeing the operability and availability of these systems in any theater of operations.

GMLRS systems are manufactured at   Lockheed Martin’s Precision Fires Center of Excellence in Camden, Arkansas, solidifying its position as a leader in advanced defense technologies.