Lithuania acquires the German G-36 automatic rifle for its Armed Forces.

As part of an initiative to modernize its forces, Lithuania plans to improve the arsenal of the Lithuanian Rifle Union by acquiring new G-36 automatic rifles, with a total investment amounting to 3.5 million euros. This acquisition underscores Lithuania’s commitment to strengthening its defense capabilities in response to changing global security dynamics.

The decision to equip the Rifle Union with the G-36, which is also the main weapon of the Lithuanian Armed Forces, signals a unified approach to defense procurement, ensuring interoperability and cohesion between different units of the Lithuanian defense system. This acquisition is part of Lithuania’s ambitious modernization initiative, which aims to update its military equipment to meet current and future challenges effectively.

Lithuania’s investment in new automatic rifles demonstrates its proactive stance on national security. By modernizing its volunteer forces, Lithuania not only strengthens its military readiness but also sends a clear signal of its dedication to protecting sovereignty and peace in the region.

This measure also reflects the importance of the Lithuanian Rifle Union within the country’s defense architecture. As a voluntary military organization, the Union plays a crucial role in Lithuania’s defense strategy, complementing the professional armed forces in national emergencies and security threats.

The G36 assault rifle, designed and manufactured by Heckler & Koch in Germany, is an iconic example of precision engineering in the field of weapons. Designed between 1990 and 1995, this rifle entered service in 1997 and remains in production to this day, with more than 260,000 units manufactured. The G36 has been adopted by more than 40 countries around the world, attesting to its popularity and reliability in various military conflicts.

Weighing 3.63 kg and measuring 999 mm with the stock extended (and 758 mm with the stock folded), the G36 stands out for its balanced design, which effectively combines maneuverability and efficiency. The barrel length is 480 mm, providing exceptional accuracy, while its overall dimensions, including a width of 64 mm and a height of 320 mm, make it a relatively compact weapon for its category.

Using the standard 5.56x45mm NATO cartridge, the G36 operates on the short-stroke piston principle with a closed rotating bolt, allowing fast and reliable firing at a rate of 750 rounds per minute. The muzzle velocity reaches 920 m/s, and the weapon has an effective range of 600 meters, with a maximum range of up to 2,860 meters under optimal conditions.

The G36 is equipped with a flexible feeding system, accepting proprietary 30-round detachable box magazines as well as 100-round C-Mag drum magazines and STANAG magazines via an optional adapter, thus offering great adaptability over the range. 

As for the sight, it is equipped as standard with a 1x magnification reflex sight and a 3x magnification telescopic sight for the export version (the export version also has a 1.5x magnification sight), complemented with a fixed notch sight when necessary. Newer models are also equipped with Picatinny rails, which allow the mounting of a variety of additional optics to increase the weapon’s versatility further.

The acquisition of new G-36 automatic rifles is a fundamental step in the modernization of Lithuania’s defense.

Alain Henry de Frahan