The Kremlin spokesman said the West was “illusioned” about Ukraine’s ability to win, warning they would not stop regretting this.

“We see a general state of delusion about Ukraine’s ability to win on the battlefield,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said at a press conference on January 20, adding that “the West will not stop repenting.” sorry for this illusion.”

Asked if the war in Ukraine would continue to escalate, Peskov said the conflict “is moving in an upward direction, and we can see NATO countries becoming more and more involved indirectly and sometimes directly.” into this conflict.”

The Kremlin spokesman warned that Western tanks that aid Ukraine will not change the battlefield and that the West and Ukraine are exaggerating the impact of military aid packages.

“These weapons only create more problems for Ukraine and cannot prevent Russia from achieving its goals,” Peskov said. 

“Experts see the problems that come with such deliveries. All these tanks need maintenance, repair, and more.”

During the conference on arms aid to Ukraine, held on January 20 at Ramstein airbase in Germany, President Volodymyr Zelensky, through an online speech, continued to call on the Western allies to speed up the delivery of weapons. Gas for your country.

Zelensky hopes partners “do not continue to haggle over the number of tanks,” instead seeing this as the primary form of support to help Ukraine stop the Russian advance.

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin also called on Western allies to mobilize more resources to support military equipment for Ukraine. Mr. Austin said that the war between Russia and Ukraine is entering a decisive phase.