The North Korean leader warned that armed conflict could occur at any time, asking the army to be ready to “unleash destruction.”

“The security environment on the Korean peninsula is getting closer to the brink of armed conflict every day. The actions of the US and its allies are increasingly characterized by military confrontation,” KCNA news agency said on January 1. 1 quoted North Korean leader Kim Jong-un during a 2023 review meeting with senior military officials.

He called on the army to “sharpen their precious swords” to protect security and peace on the peninsula. The term “treasure sword” is used by North Korea to refer to the country’s nuclear weapons.

The North Korean army was ordered to be ready to mobilize the greatest strength to protect the country in a military confrontation scenario that “could happen at any time” in 2024. “If the opponent chooses to confront and provoke In the fire of war, we must mobilize all our greatest strength to launch a crushing blow and completely destroy the enemy,” Mr. Kim emphasized.

“The more progress the revolution in North Korea makes, the more the US and South Korea will try to stop us,” Mr. Kim argued. “Our army needs to neutralize all provocative actions by the enemy, but also needs to be fierce in the face of hostility.”

In November 2023, North Korea successfully launched the Malligyong-1 military reconnaissance satellite. Kim Jong-un then announced plans to launch more military reconnaissance satellites this year.

The US, Japan and South Korea strongly condemned North Korea’s satellite launch, causing instability in the region. They believe that Pyongyang used ballistic missile technology in the launch, violating many Security Council resolutions.

Meanwhile, Pyongyang emphasized that the test was necessary to keep peace in North Korea. The satellite will provide real-time information about enemy military behavior against North Korea and guide “super powerful attacks” from North Korea if conflict occurs.

A North Korean Ministry of Defense spokesman in early December 2023 warned that any interference in their satellite activities would be a declaration of war. North Korea also emphasized that it will carry out “war deterrence” if any attack on strategic weapons is imminent.