Nearly a month ago, President Joe Biden said, The afghan Leader has to come together. They clearly have the capacity to sustain the government. And now, the Taliban has taken control over Afghanistan and the residence of all the warlords who have supported the Afghanistan government over the years.

On 8 July, Biden also said that the Taliban is not the North Vietnamese armies of the ’70s. There would be no need for evacuating officials by lifting them off the roof of the US embassy”.A few weeks later, we can see how it turned out. Both the picture show the same thing happening. there was speculation that after the withdrawal of the US army
There would be strong resistance, and the Taliban will take control of some provinces. But no one expected the collapse of the government so fast and to this extent.

USAF Chinook evacuating Diplomats from Kabul embassy

Between 13 April and 14 August Taliban took control of over 60 percent. Then they captured provinces like Kandahar and Herat. Then in the last couple of days, major-e sharif and the Jalalabad also fell into their hands. Finally, they captured Kabul.
Following Aghan, President Ashraf Ghani fled the country, after that Taliban took over the presidential palace.

So, How did the Taliban gained control of so much territory when the US spent 83 billion USD in arms and equipment, and training for the Afghan security forces.

First, The US has always inflated the size of the Afghan forces.
according to the new york times,” On paper, the Afghan security forces have more than 300000 troops, but the actual figure is likely significantly less.”

The second point is to note here is that US-trained Afghan forces, to match American operations, collapsed without US air support and intelligence. US military combines the ground forces with airpower, but the Aghan military crumbled when the US pulled air support, intelligence, and the contractor servicing Afghanistan planes and helicopters.

Another reason was the Doha Agreement which was signed between the Taliban and the USA in Feb 2020. because of that, the US didn’t conduct a single airstrike for a year. Airstrike caused colossal damage. That one year gave the Taliban enough time to regroup, strengthen their supply chain. At the same time, they were trying to have peace deals with the USA and Afghanistan.

Overreliance on the US forces was another reason for this fall. When US forces were present Afghan forces were maximizing their presence all over the country. They had 200 bases where supply could reach only by air. When the US announced their withdrawal, the Afghan government should have managed their spread-out forces. But they failed to do so, and the troops in the remote areas were left vulnerable, which were easily attacked by the Taliban. that shows how little governments had a presence in those areas.

As per the new york times, some districts fell when only ten Taliban fighters showed up. This means such areas were not Afghanistan’s government stronghold. Taliban killed the soldiers who resisted them and made other soldiers surrender with the local tribal leaders. Surender because they haven’t been getting their salaries for months from the government and Taliban offered them.

Rest was the elite commando unit of Afghanistan that could fight the Taliban, but they were highly outnumbered, and without air support, they couldn’t move around the country. Afghanistan Government didn’t pay much attention to the armed forces by any means necessary. Afghan soldiers did not have food, water, or weapons. Morale was down of those soldiers, so most of them surrender instead of putting up a fight.

These are some of the critical points of how the Taliban took control over Afghanistan.