IWI launches the first computerized weapons system: ARBEL

Israel Weapon Industries introduces ARBEL, the first computerized small arms system to meet modern battlefield challenges. IWI (Israel Weapon Industries), part of the SK Group, has announced the launch of ARBEL, the first globally computerized small arms system.

This advance responds to new challenges, such as ephemeral enemies and the growing presence of drones, which are characteristic of the current battlefield. After extensive R&D phases, the ARBEL system has been designed to improve the immediate response to contemporary threats. The ARBEL optimizes operator survival by compensating for the impact of physical and mental effort, such as fatigue and stress.

Thus, it significantly increases the lethality, precision and survivability of the user. The system is made up of three key elements: a computerized platform, an advanced electronic firing mechanism equipped with sensors, and a new firing mode, as well as a removable battery.

Importantly, ARBEL does not interfere with the normal operation of the gun, allowing its standard use even without a battery. A direct consequence of its characteristics is the notable reduction in ammunition consumption, a critical aspect both in combat and in training.

IWI’s NEGEV light machine gun is the first to incorporate the ARBEL system, benefiting from unprecedented precision and firing control. Thanks to the ARBEL system, the electronic trigger improves precision under pressure, increasing the probability of impact and multiplying lethality by three.

With the ARBEL, NEGEV achieves 80-90% accuracy on moving targets, optimizing operator safety by maximizing effectiveness against targets with a limited lifespan and dramatically reducing the amount of ammunition needed to hit them accurately.

Its ability to respond in fractions of a second allows the operator to quickly take advantage of opportunities, effectively neutralizing threats, improving lethality and saving ammunition. IWI’s innovative ARBEL system guarantees up to 60 hours of autonomy, marking a before and after in energy efficiency for small arms.

Inserting your battery immediately activates the computer system and sensors, ensuring consistent performance even with a low battery. This system stands out for its independence from optics and its ability to operate under any environmental conditions, offering operators complete freedom in choosing optical configurations for their missions.

ARBEL promises seamless integration into various light machine guns without altering their operating systems or user interfaces, and is compatible with assault rifles such as the ARAD and those based on the AR-15, facilitating upgrades without the need to replace existing weaponry.

Israel Weapon Industries, with more than 85 years of leadership in the field of weapons, has established its global reputation thanks to the design, production and marketing of combat-proven weapons.

From its headquarters in Israel, IWI supplies the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and international customers with a wide range of weapons systems recognized for their reliability under the most extreme conditions.

Among its outstanding arsenal are the CARMEL and ARAD® assault rifles, the versatile TAVOR®, including the UZI® PRO submachine gun, JERICHO® pistols and the innovative MASADA®.

All of these weapons, backed by their battlefield performance, are the preferred choice of military, police and security agencies, as well as civilian users worldwide.