Hunter Wolf vehicle is equipped with RPS-42 radar and SMASH Hooper complex. Photo: Smart Shooter
Hunter Wolf vehicle is equipped with RPS-42 radar and SMASH Hooper complex. Photo: Smart Shooter

Israel owns an anti-UAV system with a smart viewfinder that can target accurately without control.

An unnamed senior defense official in Israel said on February 10 that the country is using many new weapons to deal with UAVs, weapons that Hamas often uses to drop explosives.

Weapons company Smart Shooter in Israel has cooperated with HDT Global Group and Leonardo’s branch in the US to develop a mobile anti-UAV system.

The system’s weapon is the SMASH Hooper remote control gun complex manufactured by Smart Shooter. The complex includes a standard infantry rifle mounted on a remote control stand, accompanied by a SMASH 2000 smart sight.

It consists of a small camera and laser distance measuring device, capable of self-detecting, locking on targets and calculating appropriate aiming points. Thanks to this feature, the operator of the SMASH Hopper complex can set the automatic scanning mode and then give the command to fire. In addition, users can also switch to manual operating mode if desired.

Smart Shooter said the SMASH-2000 viewfinder helps shooters have an 80% chance of hitting a moving target in the first shot, even for inexperienced people.

The Israeli company’s new anti-UAV system is also equipped with the RPS-42 radar system made by Leonardo, using active electronically scanned antennas (AEAS), which can detect objects at a maximum distance of 30 km. It is currently unclear how the RPS-42 radar and the SMASH Hooper complex coordinate when operating.

According to Drive expert Joseph Trevithick, even when they operate independently, the RPS-42 radar can still provide more specific information about the threat to assist operators if they want to aim manually. “However, automatic aiming mode will still be preferred,” this expert commented.

The device is placed on HDT Global’s Hunter WOLF 6-wheel vehicle chassis. This vehicle weighs more than 1.6 tons, has a maximum load of nearly 1 ton, uses a hybrid engine, has a range of 200 km and moves for 24 hours continuously.

Hunter WOLF can be controlled manually or set to follow the person holding the controller automatically. The vehicle is equipped with a separate transmitter, which provides power for the Smash Hopper and RPS-42 radar combination. When operated in “silent” mode, the transmitter still provides enough energy for the weapon system to operate while also making it more difficult for the enemy to detect.

Expert Trevithick commented that Smart Shooter’s products are suitable to fight low-level UAVs and provide effective surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities for infantry.