Israeli tanks and soldiers participated in the war in the Gaza Strip. Photo: IDF

Prime Minister Netanyahu announced that Israel would not agree to a “temporary ceasefire” at the call of the US and many other parties if Hamas did not release hostages in the Gaza Strip.

“We are continuing to advance with all our forces. Israel refuses a temporary ceasefire agreement that does not include the release of hostages,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on television on March 3. 11. “Israel will not allow fuel to be sent to the Gaza Strip and opposes money transfers there.”

Israeli officials said more than 240 people were arrested in the October 7 attack by Hamas. Prime Minister Netanyahu declared that Israel “will not stop until victory,” stating that the country’s goal is “to eliminate Hamas, free the hostages, and restore security.”

Earlier that day, Prime Minister Netanyahu met US Secretary of State Antony Blinken. Mr. Blinken said he had discussed with Mr. Netanyahu the idea of ​​a “humanitarian ceasefire” to ensure the release of hostages and allow aid to be delivered to civilians in the Gaza Strip.

“We believe that a temporary humanitarian ceasefire and agreements on the ground that enhance the security of civilians and allow for a more effective and sustained delivery of humanitarian assistance will create favorable conditions for those affected,” Mr. Blinken said.

Both the US and Israel have ruled out the possibility of a comprehensive ceasefire due to concerns that this would allow Hamas to regroup and receive supplies. The White House on November 2 called for a ” local, temporary ” ceasefire in the Gaza Strip to allow civilians to evacuate and deliver humanitarian aid to the area.

The war between Israel and Hamas is about to enter its second month. After the attack by Hamas on October 7, Israel bombed and shelled the Gaza Strip and deployed tanks and soldiers to attack the area.

Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, spokesman for the Israel Defense Forces, announced on November 2 that the country’s infantry had completely surrounded Gaza City in the northern Gaza Strip.