Military operations in the Gaza Strip by Israel are primarily intended to nullify the operational capabilities of the terrorist group  Hamas.

Israel’s strategic objectives in Gaza

The recent offensive has hit several key points. This includes multiple control centers, a facility housing  Hamas members, a group’s naval command hub, and operational sites, one of which is located at a mosque in  Jabaliya.

These actions are part of a broader effort to weaken  Hamas ‘ infrastructure and intelligence capabilities.

Political reactions to the escalation

Cabinet Secretary  Yossi Fuchs shared his reflections on the situation in Gaza: “The first Gaza war is also set to be the last!” Although conflicts between  Israel and Gaza are not new, Fuchs  ‘ comment suggests a larger combat campaign.

Fuchs also shared a personal memory of meeting his late grandfather after the 9/11 attacks, where he expressed his belief in the defeat of terrorism.

Civil and military impact in Ashkelon and Sderot

Tensions are also felt in surrounding areas. A shell directly hit a home in Ashkelon. An eight-year-old child was injured in the process and is now receiving medical attention.

The military scenario has also witnessed direct confrontations. Brigadier General  Roman Gofman confronted Hamas terrorists in  Sderot and was wounded, although he is reportedly in stable condition.

On another front, Major General  David Zini fought on the Gaza border. Footage reveals the intensity of the confrontation, showing  Zini and troops near  Flecha Negra, with evidence of combat around them.