Israel wants to eliminate Hamas and establish a new regime in Gaza
Minister Gallant (black shirt, middle) at the Israeli Parliament's Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee meeting on October 20. Photo: Israeli Defense Ministry

The Israeli Defense Minister aims to eliminate Hamas, eliminate pockets of resistance and establish new security institutions in the Gaza Strip.

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant on October 20 announced a series of Tel Aviv’s goals in the war in the Gaza Strip, including destroying Hamas’s military and operational capabilities to eliminate this armed group, creating “reality” new security” in the Gaza Strip.

The information was announced at a meeting of the Israeli Parliament’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, in which Mr. Gallant stated three stages of the current war.

“We are in the first phase, with an air campaign and then a ground offensive to destroy militants, as well as destroy infrastructure to defeat Hamas. Phase two will be sustainment.” fight with lower intensity to eliminate remaining pockets of resistance,” said the Israeli Defense Minister.

Phase three is building a new security mechanism in the region. “The goal is to eliminate Israel’s responsibility for daily life in the Gaza Strip, establishing a new normal state for Israeli citizens and people living around this land,” he said.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s administration is under pressure to develop a clear strategy to avoid getting bogged down in the Gaza Strip but must ensure that Hamas no longer controls this area and poses a threat to Israel.

Opposition National Unity Party leader Benny Gantz and lawmaker Gadi Eisenkot, who participated in the wartime emergency cabinet, asked the Israeli military to prepare a plan to withdraw from the Gaza Strip after achieving its goals.

Anonymous US and Israeli officials said that President Joe Biden’s administration also secretly urged Tel Aviv to complete its withdrawal plan. However, Prime Minister Netanyahu and his officials still seem to have no specific plan and are focusing on the goal of overthrowing Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

On October 7, Hamas launched a coordinated attack campaign by land, air and sea against Israel, killing thousands of people. Israel then blockaded the Gaza Strip and launched retaliatory raids, sending tanks and infantry to carry out a number of local attacks in the area.

Israel said more than 200 people, including its citizens, foreigners and dual nationals, were captured by Hamas gunmen in the attack. The Israeli military said most of the hostages captured by Hamas and taken to the Gaza Strip are still alive.

Israeli officials have repeatedly vowed to “eliminate Hamas and the group’s military capabilities.” The United Nations and leaders of many countries warn that a large-scale ground offensive against the Gaza Strip could worsen the humanitarian crisis in the area blockaded by Israel in recent days.