Israel urges its citizens to leave Türkiye

The National Security Council this afternoon (Tuesday) issued a warning to Israelis currently in Turkey, asking them to leave the country immediately.

The travel warning level in Turkey has been raised to level 4, the highest possible. The warning applies to all areas of the country.

Additionally, the travel advisory level for the country of Morocco was raised to level 2, meaning Israelis in the country should take increased precautions.

For Israelis who have not yet left Turkey, the National Security Council recommends taking all recommended precautions and reducing gatherings in public spaces as much as possible, hiding Israeli and Jewish symbols and avoiding going to places identified as Jewish or of affiliation. 

The National Security Council also reiterated its recommendations to the population to reconsider planned trips abroad at this time to avoid non-essential travel to countries subject to a travel warning, emphasizing Arab countries and countries surrounding Iran (especially Jordan, Egypt, United Arab Emirates and Azerbaijan).

The warnings come a week and a half after Hamas’ massacre of 1,400 Israelis on Simchat Torah and the start of the ensuing war between Israel and Hamas.