Israel strengthens its military capacity with the arrival of the VCBR 8×8 Eitan

Technological advancement in the field of combat vehicles has led the Israel Defense Forces to strengthen its military capability with the introduction of the 8×8 Eitan Armored Wheeled Fighting Vehicle (VCBR).

Representing a milestone in innovation, these vehicles have been enthusiastically received and are expected to play a crucial role in the country’s Nahal Infantry Brigade. His arrival marks an important step in modernizing and strengthening Israel’s military capabilities.

The first VCBR 8×8 Eitan arrive in Israel.

The Israel Defense Forces have welcomed the first 8×8 Eitan Armored Wheeled Fighting Vehicles (ARCVs), which have rolled off the production lines and been delivered to the Nahal Infantry Brigade, located in the South of the country.

These state-of-the-art vehicles have been manufactured at a production facility in west-central Israel and represent a significant advance in the field of wheeled combat vehicles.

Capability tests and combat drills

In order to test the capabilities of the new VCBRs, the Nahal Infantry Brigade will move these vehicles to northern Israel for simulated combat scenarios. This phase of tests will allow us to evaluate the maneuverability, resistance and performance of the vehicles in simulated combat conditions.

Brigadier General Oren Giber has highlighted that the arrival of the latest generation Eitan VCBR represents a significant advance in the field of wheeled combat vehicles.

Characteristics and capacities of the VCBR 8×8 Eitan

The VCBR 8×8 Eitan is a wheeled armored fighting vehicle powered by a 750 horsepower engine, giving it excellent maneuverability on all types of terrain. With a top speed of 90 km/h, this vehicle can remain operational for several days without needing to return to base.

In addition, it has the capacity to transport up to 12 soldiers and has been specially designed to accompany Merkava tanks and Namer infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs), thus replacing the old M113.


Israel strengthens its military capacity with the arrival of the VCBR 8×8 Eitan

Future variants and updates

Although the first vehicles delivered are of the personnel carrier variant, Israel has plans to build combat versions that will be able to be equipped with 40mm guns.

This additional firepower will increase the power and versatility of the Eitan 8×8 VCBRs, allowing them to engage a wide range of threats on the battlefield.

Strategic partnership with Oshkosh Defense

The Israeli Ministry of Defense selected the Oshkosh Defense company to supply the hulls for the Eitan combat vehicles.

This agreement, valued at more than 100 million dollars and financed in part by the United States, ensures quality and compliance with the highest standards in terms of protection and security.

Contribution to safety and operational efficiency

The arrival of the Eitan 8×8 VCBR represents a milestone in the modernization and strengthening of Israel’s military capabilities. These state-of-the-art vehicles offer a high level of protection, mobility and firepower, which will significantly contribute to ensuring the safety and operational effectiveness of the Israel Defense Forces in various situations and combat scenarios.


The introduction of the Eitan 8×8 VCBR strengthens Israel’s military capability and represents a leap forward in the field of wheeled combat vehicles. These innovative vehicles provide a unique combination of mobility, protection, and firepower, making them valuable assets for the Israel Defense Forces. As testing and improvements continue, the Eitan VCBRs are expected to play a critical role in Israel’s defense and security.