Merkava main battle tank Israel

Israel’s Defense Minister announced that the country’s future in the next 75 years depends on the results of the all-out attack campaign on the Gaza Strip.

In a speech on October 26, Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said that the country’s army is attacking Hamas in the Gaza Strip unprecedentedly, targeting underground fortification systems, tunnels, and tunnels. Contact information, members and commanders of this armed group.

Mr. Gallant announced that the ground offensive against the Gaza Strip “will take place soon”, but did not specify a specific time.

“Nothing like this has ever happened in Israel’s 75 years,” Minister Gallant said, referring to the Hamas attack on October 7. “What happens over the next 75 years depends largely on the results of this campaign.”

Some Israeli Air Force sources say that this force has attacked more than 10,000 positions of Hamas and other armed groups in the Gaza Strip since the conflict broke out. Hamas’s health agency said more than 7,000 people died in air strikes on the Gaza Strip.

Many sides fear that the number of people killed in fighting will increase significantly when Israel launches a full-scale attack on the Gaza Strip and advances into cities in the area. The IDF is expected to face Hamas’s complex tunnel system and deadly traps when operating in harsh urban environments.

On October 26, the IDF sent units of the Givati ​​infantry brigade and the 162nd armored division to launch a lightning attack into the Gaza Strip, a tentative move to prepare for a large-scale campaign. After several hours of fighting, Israeli forces withdrew from the area.

The Israeli army on the same day announced the killing of five senior Hamas commanders, including the deputy head of the Hamas intelligence unit, Shadi Barud, commander of the Northern Khan missile unit, Yonis Hassan al-Abdullah, and commander of the Daraj battalion. Tuffah Rifaat Abbas, Deputy Ibrahim Jadba and logistics commander Tarek Maarouf.

Many cities in central and southern Israel were attacked by rockets on October 26. Israeli air defenses intercepted rocket shells or fell in uninhabited areas.

A rocket fell on a building in downtown Petah Tikva but caused no casualties. Another projectile landed on a highway near Rehovot, burning power poles and causing widespread power outages in the area.