A few hours before the agreement with  Hamas expires, Minister  Benny Gantz declared that  Israel is in a complex moment, with a window of time within the framework of the agreement to return the kidnapped. “We will work to make the most of it,”  Gantz told the press.

However,  Gantz made it clear that  Israel is prepared to resume the conflict at any time. “We are prepared and ready to return to the fight at any time, including this moment,” he declared.

The war cabinet minister described the current situation as the “most important war”  Israel has fought since its War of Independence in 1948. He vowed that  Israel would give Hamas no quarter and that the war would continue until residents of border communities Israelis who were evacuated amid the fighting “can safely return” to their homes.

Meanwhile,  Hamas has indicated that it is open to extending the truce, which is now in its sixth day. An Israeli official confirmed that talks to extend the truce are ongoing.