Israel Might have 1,500 corpses of terrorists in its territory

The IDF has carried out a series of attacks in recent hours, targeting multiple Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad sites.

News Channel 13 reports that approximately 1,500 bodies of Palestinian terrorists are found on Israeli soil, without specifying the source of this information.

According to calculations by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), since Saturday morning, they have killed several hundred Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorists who managed to infiltrate Israeli territory. Simultaneously, in the Gaza region, the death toll has risen to at least 687 people as a result of airstrikes launched by Israel in response.

In its operation, the IDF has carried out a series of attacks in recent hours, targeting multiple Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad locations throughout the Gaza Strip.

These attacks have included the neutralization of tunnel entrances, the destruction of a mosque used as a war room, the dismantling of weapons depots and the elimination of a meeting point used by terrorist groups.

In particular, one of the tunnels was reportedly used by Hamas as part of its initial offensive against Israel on Saturday morning.

Likewise, the IDF has indicated that numerous terrorists were present in the building used as a meeting point by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad at the time of the attack and has confirmed the elimination of two of them who tried to flee after the first attack.

Additionally, the Israeli military has released images of both these attacks and recent Navy operations against Hamas sites in Gaza.

The IDF has shared a series of videos on social media offering instructions to Gaza residents on how to carry out safe evacuations during the Israeli military response to Hamas aggression.

In a speech on Saturday night, shortly after the start of the Hamas incursion from Gaza, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urged Gazans to evacuate immediately, warning of an imminent Israeli attack on Hamas.

In videos released by the IDF on Sunday, a spokesperson explained that the actions of terrorist organizations had forced the IDF to take action in areas where civilians reside.

It was emphasized that the IDF had no intention of causing harm to the civilian population or their families and that the evacuation was necessary to ensure their safety.

The spokesperson provided detailed maps of specific areas in several localities across the Gaza Strip, giving clear instructions to residents on how to find shelter.