Israel dropped its plan to attack Iran after Mr. Biden's call

Israel once approved a tough retaliation plan against Iran but seemed to change its plan after a phone call between Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Biden.

Israel’s national radio station Kan on April 17 quoted an unnamed senior official as saying that the country’s war cabinet had prepared a series of response plans before Tehran launched a large-scale raid on the night of the 13th. /4, which includes a plan to attack Iran in just a few hours.

“However, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu abandoned a series of plans after a phone call with US President Joe Biden. We will respond, but it seems that the next action will be far different from the prepared options. Diplomatic sensitivity won out,” the official said.

ABC News on the same day quoted three Israeli sources saying that the country had twice prepared to launch retaliatory attacks against Iran within the past week but canceled the plans.

Radio Kan also quoted several unnamed Western diplomats as saying that “Israel will react” but with a much softer level than expected.

Israeli officials have not commented on the information.

Iran on the night of April 13 and early morning of April 14 launched more than 300 drones and missiles at many targets in Israel in response to the attack on the consulate in Damascus, Syria earlier this month. The Israeli army coordinated with allies in the US, UK, France, and Jordan to intercept 99% of the projectiles launched by Iran.

On April 15, US media quoted two unnamed officials saying that Mr. Netanyahu canceled his plan to attack Iran immediately after a phone call with Mr. Biden.

Because Iran‘s raid did not kill Israeli citizens or cause major infrastructure damage, US officials believe that Israel will choose to target targets outside Iranian territory, including proxy forces. responsibility of Tehran or Iranian soldiers stationed abroad.

Tel Aviv likely does not want its response to spark conflict in the Middle East or break the alliance that helped the country resist Tehran’s attack.