Israeli tanks and soldiers participated in the battle in the Gaza Strip on November 8. Photo: IDF

The Israeli military said it has destroyed about 130 Hamas tunnels since the start of its ground campaign in the Gaza Strip last month.

After the attack on October 7, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) launched air strikes against the Gaza Strip and then deployed military operations on the ground to destroy Hamas’s infrastructure there. IDF engineering units are clearing the way for infantry, identifying and destroying Hamas infrastructure, including tunnels and rocket launchers.

On November 8, the IDF announced that it had destroyed about 130 tunnels in the Gaza Strip since the start of the ground campaign last month. Hamas is believed to be operating a large tunnel network in Hamas to transport goods and weapons and move troops.

Soldiers of the 460th Bnei Or mechanized brigade and Israeli engineers on November 8 discovered several tunnel entrances next to a structure containing many car batteries. They determined that these structures could be connected to the tunnel’s air filtration system.

The IDF said the 933rd Nahal infantry brigade captured a Hamas training facility in the northern Gaza Strip, including a gathering location where the group’s special prepared forces weapons and food for the attack. Israeli soldiers discovered several tunnel entrances and destroyed these structures.

An Israeli defense official said on November 8 that Israel could achieve achievements related to resolving the tunnel system in the Gaza Strip in the coming days, and soldiers could enter the tunnel if necessary.

” Hamas built an advanced, fortified tunnel system and established a number of protection mechanisms. Some tunnels can be attacked from the air,” said Israeli defense officials. “The IDF’s ground attack exposed enemy infrastructure. Engineers are destroying tunnels.”

Since the end of October, Israel has expanded its military operations in the Gaza Strip, besieging Gaza City since November 2 and sending units into the city from two directions. Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant announced that the country’s soldiers “are dividing each Hamas battalion” and searching for the group’s leader in the Gaza Strip, Yahya Sinwar, to take him down.

Israel estimates that the ground campaign “will last at least several months to achieve the goal of eliminating Hamas” while minimizing casualties for Israeli forces and civilians in the Gaza Strip. According to the IDF, more than 30 Israeli soldiers have died since its advanced forces deeper into Gaza.