Israel airstrikes 200 targets in the Gaza Strip

The Israeli army announced airstrikes on more than 200 targets in the Gaza Strip, including weapons trucks and weapons warehouses of Hamas.

According to a December 4 announcement by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), the targets hit by airstrikes included a school in the city of Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza Strip, where the force said it had the infrastructure of Hamas inside, including tunnels containing many explosives and weapons.

The IDF also conducted airstrikes on other targets in the Gaza Strip, including a weapons truck, a rocket launch site and a Hamas weapons depot. The Israeli Navy also carried out many attacks to “support forces on the ground,” according to the IDF.

This force said three more Israeli soldiers died in the Gaza Strip, bringing the total number of Israeli soldiers killed in action in the strip to 69.

On the same day, the IDF recorded a number of shelling attacks from Lebanon, injuring three Israeli soldiers and announced that it had retaliated with artillery fire. Lebanese media said several villages in the country were also attacked by Israeli aircraft.

No organization has claimed responsibility for attacks on Israel, but Hezbollah forces in Lebanon have recently regularly launched rockets and missiles into Israeli territory to show support for Hamas.

IDF spokesman Daniel Hagari said on December 3 that an Israeli air strike killed Haitham Khuwajari, commander of Hamas’s Shati Battalion. Khuwajari was one of the people behind the Hamas raid on Israeli territory on October 7, according to an IDF spokesman.

On December 3, the IDF announced the resumption and expansion of the ground campaign against Hamas targets throughout the Gaza Strip and asked civilians to evacuate some areas in the southern city of Khan Younis, moving further south of the strip. This force also instructed people to evacuate from some areas in the northern Gaza Strip, such as Jabalya, Shejaiya, Zaytoun and Gaza City, areas that were once the target of fierce attacks by the Israeli army.

Some witnesses said on December 4 that dozens of Israeli tanks entered the southern Gaza Strip.

Israel and Hamas previously reached a 4-day ceasefire agreement, starting on November 24, to facilitate the exchange of hostages. The agreement was extended twice and ended on the morning of December 1, after Hamas released 105 hostages in exchange for 240 Palestinian prisoners. The armed group is still holding about 140 hostages.

The Gaza Strip’s health authority said more than 15,500 people were killed and 41,000 injured by Israeli attacks on the strip of land after a Hamas raid on October 7.