Israel Aerospace Industries presents an unmanned submarine.

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has unveiled the BlueWhale, a state-of-the-art unmanned autonomous underwater vehicle that has proven successful in various operations.

Innovation in unmanned submarines

BlueWhale has completed thousands of hours of autonomous operation, including maritime and coastal intelligence collection, acoustic intelligence, and naval mine detection. The submarine is capable of carrying out operations similar to those of manned submarines for weeks with reduced costs and maintenance.

In addition, BlueWhale performs covert intelligence at the sea surface, detects submarines and underwater targets, and collects acoustic intelligence. It also searches for and detects naval mines on the seabed.

State-of-the-art technology at BlueWhale

The unmanned submarine features a telescopic mast equipped with radar and electro-optical systems to detect maritime and coastal targets. The collected data is transferred to the command posts in real-time through a satellite communications antenna located on the mast.

Submarine detection and acoustic intelligence data collection are done using towed sonar by the BlueWhale and flank sonar. Mine detection is carried out using a specific synthetic aperture sonar attached to the ship’s sides.

Strategic and ethical impact

The BlueWhale is part of the family of unmanned land, sea and space platforms developed by IAI. This autonomous submarine represents a significant advance in the capability of submarine fleets and could change the way military and maritime security operations are conducted.

The deployment of unmanned underwater vehicles like the BlueWhale raises ethical and strategic questions about how the nature of military and security operations will change in the future.


Israel Aerospace Industries’ BlueWhale is an unmanned submarine revolutionizing maritime defense and security with its advanced technology and operational capabilities. Its impact on the military and security arena raises ethical and strategic questions.