Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is developing a strategic innovation in quasi-ballistic missiles, which seeks to meet emerging demands from the IDF and international allies.

Tactical Expansion of the LORA and its Implications

The current LORA (Long Range Artillery) theater quasi-ballistic missile, with a range of 280 kilometers, is being adapted to cover longer and shorter distances. Thanks to their trajectory and speed, Quasi-ballistic missiles offer a narrower reaction window for enemy defenses.

Initially developed in the 2000s, the LORA has a potential range of 400 kilometers and can carry a variety of warheads. The new variants are anticipated to offer better accuracy and resistance against  EW (Electronic Warfare) jamming.

These innovations will facilitate land and warship operations and benefit from improved navigation systems, strengthening their resilience against electronic warfare measures.

Operational History and Testing of the LORA

Reports reveal testing of the LORA in 2003, 2004 and 2006 and its entry into service in Israel in 2007. Launches from a ship were later observed in 2017. A key event was its acquisition by Azerbaijan, used in the Nagorno-Karabakh war in 2020.

Despite initial reports, the missile did not destroy a vital bridge, although it did cause damage. In 2023,  India’s Bharat Electronics signed a memorandum to produce the LORA under license following an agreement with IAI.

This international interest in the LORA underscores its strategic relevance in the modern defense arena.

IAI Future Initiatives and Global Market

IAI, in its commitment to stay at the forefront of defense technology, is also in the process of developing missiles such as the  JASSM-ER  and  SPIKE NLOS.

With 15,000 employees as of 2018, IAI, Israel‘s aerospace giant, produces a wide range of aerial and astronautical systems for military and civil applications.

These systems, primarily tailored for the IDF, have also been marketed internationally, underscoring IAI’s prominence and reliability in the global defense market.