Iskander missile

Russia has so far used a plethora of high-tech weapons used in the Ukraine Invasion. Let us see along with the Iskander missile system what the weapons are and which kind of weapons have Russia used to target Ukraine.

1. Kinzhal hypersonic missile.

Kinzhal missile has been used for the first time in Ukraine to target the specific storage unit. This Kinzhal missile is said to be capable of overcoming any defense system. Russia has admitted to using high-precision hypersonic missiles to destroy a weapon depot in western Ukraine.

Kinzhal missile

2. kalibr cruise missile:

during its invasion, Russia has extensively used the Kalibr cruise missiles on military or civilian areas. kalibr missiles are land-attack-based cruise missiles with a range of 1500 to 2500 km. kalibr cruise missile is a mainstay of the Russian navy’s ground strike capabilities. kalibr missiles were extensively used to hit Islamic State targets in Syria by Moscow.

Kalibr Missile

3. Thermobaric weapons:

An aerosol bomb that works on a two-stage munition, Capable of sucking all oxygen from its blast radius. It creates a giant fireball and vacuum that sucks 02 from the surroundings. Blast waves are more extensive than conventional explosives. These explosives are capable of vapourising human bodies. Ukraine has accused Russia of using cluster bombs & thermobaric weapons during its invasion. however, Russia has denied using thermobaric weapons during the invasion


4. Iskander missile:

Iskander missiles are road-mobile short-range ballistic missiles up to 500 km. These missiles are capable of carrying warheads capable of destroying buildings and fortified military facilities. Many cities, including Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, Irpin pounded by Russian rocket strikes. Russia is using soviet designed SMERCH, GRAD, and URGAN rocket launchers to fire rockets into Ukraine. This article will learn about this one, “Iskander Missile system.”

Iskander Missile System
Iskander Missile System

Russia developed the Iskander missile system after the fall of the USSR to replace the Scud missiles. The Russian military officially inducted it in 2006. Russia has used the Iskander missile system intensively in the Ukraine invasion.

Three parties were involved in making the Iskander missile system. Votkinsk, an industrial town in Russia, was tasked to make the Iskander missile. The production association Barricades made the ground-level equipment. Company KBM designed the overall system.

Iskander’s first successful test took place in 1996. Then the Russian military tested this missile system continuously for a few years. Finally, Iskander officially joined the Russian Armed Forces in 2006. The missile is currently being used to bombard Ukrainians is 7.3 meters long, Iskander’s M variant 9M723.



The Iskander M system is equipped with two 9M723 missiles that can be targeted independently. Both missiles are equipped with 1500 payload warheads. With the help of its modern optical and inertial guidance, this missile can be retargeted in flight and can hit moving or stationary objects.

After the first missile launch, the second missile can be launched in less than one minute. Missile system to work efficiently; it takes sophisticated tools such as Operator Satellite, Aerial Photos, and an intelligent system.

Once launched, this missile goes up to a speed of 1200 to 2600 meters per second. Missile’s fins help to radiate less radar signature. The Iskander can use various warheads such as Fuel Air Explosive, Enhanced Warheads Munitions and High Cluster Munitions, and High Explosive Fragmentation. The Russian army claims that a warhead can destroy 25000 square meters.

Essential things have to be with the Iskander system to work well, such as two additional reloading missile vehicles, transporter erector launchers (TEL), a command staff vehicle, a vehicle to collect and prepare information, and a life support vehicle.

What are the variants of the Iskander system?

Apart from Iskander M, this missile has two variants, K and E. K Variant missile was designed to fire the 9M728( SSC-7) cruise missile, a medium-range missile. In comparison, 9M729 (SSC-8) is a long-range missile.

The Iskander E version 9M720 missile is the lower version of the missile system, developed only for export purposes. so far three countries use the Iskander missile system. Russia, Armenia, Algeria.

Russia used this system in the 2008 Georgia War. It was deployed in Syria in 2018, proving itself to be very effective.
Recently, Iskander was used in Nogarno Karabakh when Armenia used this missile against the Azerbaijan Forces, And it is being used against Ukraine.