ISDM Zemledeliye: The Russian military truck with mine-launching tubes

Emerging from the shadows of the war lab, the ISDM Zemledeliye minelaying truck, a jewel of Russian defense, makes a triumphant entry into the global chess of military strategy.

ISDM Zemledeliye: Revolutionizing the Battlefield

The ISDM Zemledeliye, Russian engineering warcraft, made its public debut during the great Army-2016, later parading in the Victory Parade in 2020, when its impact resonated on the battlefields, sealing a milestone in military development.

Conceived by JSC NPO Splav (Tula) to strengthen the mining logistics of the Russian ground forces, the Zemledeliye displays its sophistication in tactical operations, proving its potential during its deployment to Ukraine in June 2023.

The Zemledeliye, structured in two variants —launcher and reloader—has become a marvel of effectiveness and efficiency on the battlefield.

Fire and Steel: Weaponry and Design of the Zemledeliye

The brain of this combat titan, the ISDM Zemledeliye, is made up of 122-mm mine-launching tubes nested in the Kamaz 6560 military truck, carrying 50 122-mm caliber rockets loaded with dispersible anti-personnel or anti-tank mines. Its ability to sow terror in an area the size of several football fields, and its firing range of 5 to 15 km, make it an unrivaled instrument of devastation.

The Zemledeliye’s armor, mounted on the chassis of a KamAZ 6560 8×8 military truck, maximizes system protection, with the control cabin strategically located behind the crew cabin. In addition, its reloading variant has a reloading crane located at the rear of the truck, enhancing the efficiency of ammunition replenishment.

Power in Motion: The Heart of the Beast

The basic KamAZ 6560 8×8 truck gives the ISDM Zemledeliye impeccable mobility. Powered by a KamAZ-740.35-400 turbodiesel engine that delivers 400 hp, this war titan reaches a top speed of 90 km/h and a range of 1,000 km.

Its payload capacity of up to 20,000 kg, its EURO II emission standard engine, and a German-made ZF 6HP 602 automatic gearbox make it an indomitable war vehicle.

That Wonderful Machine: Equipment of the ISDM Zemledeliye

The ISDM Zemledeliye system launch truck is equipped with an advanced technological package, including satellite navigation, a weather station and an electronic brain. The intelligent programming system allows operators to customize mines to target specific targets, thus minimizing civilian casualties and avoiding friendly fire.

In accordance with the second protocol of the Geneva Convention, each mine is equipped with programmable self-destructors, deactivating after a certain period without the need for human intervention, thus guaranteeing a sustainable military strategy.

ISDM Zemledeliye: The Future of Ground Combat

With its technical and strategic sophistication, the ISDM Zemledeliye minelaying truck redefines the rules of the war game, becoming an essential piece on the military strategy board.

The Zemledeliye, a marvel of military engineering, with its weaponry, design, mobility and equipment, is established as the next generation of minelaying systems.

What is the ISDM Zemledeliye?

The ISDM Zemledeliye is a Russian minelaying truck. It was first introduced to the public during Army-2016 and then at the Victory Parade in 2020. Designed by JSC NPO Splav (Tula), this vehicle has proven itself on the battlefield since its deployment.

How does the armament of the ISDM Zemledeliye work?

The ISDM Zemledeliye is armed with 122mm mine-launching tubes, which carry 50 rockets of 122mm caliber, loaded with dispersible anti-personnel or anti-tank mines. It has a firing range of 5-15 km and can cover an area equivalent to several football fields, making it a devastating tool on the battlefield.

What characteristics does the design and equipment of the ISDM Zemledeliye have?

The ISDM Zemledeliye is mounted on a KamAZ 6560 8×8 military truck chassis. It features robust armor, a strategically placed control cabin, and a reloading crane. The vehicle is equipped with an advanced technological suite, including satellite navigation, a weather station and an intelligent scheduling system for mines.

What is the mobility capacity of the ISDM Zemledeliye?

The ISDM Zemledeliye possesses excellent mobility, thanks to its KamAZ 6560 8×8 truck base. Powered by a 400 hp KamAZ-740.35-400 turbodiesel engine, it can reach a top speed of 90 km/h and has a range of 1,000 km.

How does the ISDM Zemledeliye impact future military strategy?

With its technical and strategic sophistication, the ISDM Zemledeliye is redefining the rules of warfare. Its ability to efficiently and safely lay mines and its mobility and resilience make it an essential component of future military strategy.