Ukrainian Air Force pilots challenge Russia’s air power with Soviet-era vs. the Russian Su-35.

Russian Air Force: The formidable Su-35

The Ukrainian air force confronts a formidable obstacle. Su-35 aircraft armed with cutting-edge radars and missiles possess remarkable superiority. This technological disparity has prompted the Ukrainian Air Force to request F-16 fighters from its allies.

The aerial battle has been expensive.UAF pilots such as “Pumbaa” are frequently at a disadvantage against Russian Su-35s, losing a large number of aircraft in these engagements.

Despite being at a disadvantage, the Ukrainian Air Force continues to provide vital support to its ground forces, contributing to the counter-offensive.

At the heart of the conflict: the testimony of the pilots

A UAF Su-25 pilot, known as Pumbaa, revealed that he had witnessed colleagues and friends killed in combat. The loss of companions adds to the stress of constant air battles. Despite the odds, Pumbaa and other brave pilots continue to defend Ukrainian airspace, playing a vital role in the conflict.

Is the Russian Su-35 superior in air combat in Ukraine?

A high Ukrainian authority confirmed Russia’s domination of airspace and highlighted the effectiveness of Su-35 fighters in controlling the sky.

NATO support: new planes for Ukraine

NATO and its European allies have supplied a total of 45 Su-25s and MiG-29s to Ukraine, strengthening the country’s air fleet. However, the security of the Ukrainian Air Force requires more than just increasing its number of aircraft.

In an interview, a MiG-29 pilot, nicknamed “Juice,” emphasized that F-16 fighters could offer Ukraine a significant advantage.

Juice highlighted the limitations of its current Su-25s and its preference for advanced F-16 fighters, which could enhance the Ukrainian counter-offensive and protect ground personnel.

Confrontational Tactics and the Need for Advanced Technology

Ukraine has achieved strategic victories by carefully selecting the moments to engage its adversaries. Russia has adapted its air tactics, increasing Ukraine’s need to modernize its air force.

Ukrainian pilots are often required to carry out disruption and strike missions against Russian fighters. These tactics, while effective, leave the Ukrainian forces in a vulnerable position and expose the shortcomings of their outdated technology.

NATO reinforcements and technological support

NATO has responded to Ukrainian needs by providing equipment, training and technical support. However, the issue of F-16 fighters is still under discussion. These aircraft are significantly more advanced than the Ukrainian Su-25 and MiG-29 and could help level the air battlefield.

The addition of the F-16 fighters would allow the Ukrainian Air Force to compete more effectively with the Russian Su-35 fighters. This technological support could make a significant difference in the control of the airspace over Ukraine.