Iraq, Syria, and Iran condemned US air strikes
A location destroyed in a US air strike on the city of Anbar, Iraq, on February 2. Photo: AFP

Iraq said the US airstrike violated its sovereignty and killed civilians, while Damascus accused Washington of “inflaming the Middle East conflict.”

The Iraqi Prime Minister’s Office today announced that a US airstrike targeting pro-Iranian militia groups in the country had killed 16 people, including civilians, and injured 25 people. “This is the latest aggressive act targeting Iraq’s sovereignty,” the agency said.

Iraqi officials also denied reports that Washington coordinated with Baghdad before the attack. “The US lied and distorted the truth. That statement is a baseless statement aimed at misleading international public opinion and avoiding legal responsibility for actions that violate international law,” said the main spokesman. Iraqi government Bassem al-Awadi said.

The Iraqi Prime Minister’s Office believes that the US-led coalition in this country has deviated from its original mission and principles. “The presence of the coalition is a factor that threatens Iraq ‘s security and stability, and at the same time becomes an excuse to draw us into conflict,” the agency’s statement said.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry said on the same day that US overnight air strikes killed many soldiers and civilians, causing significant damage to public infrastructure and personal property.

“The raid will inflame conflict in the Middle East in particularly dangerous ways and is also a violation of Syria‘s sovereignty and territorial integrity. We condemn America’s blatant actions and reject all. “This country’s government uses all lies to launch attacks,” the Syrian Foreign Ministry said.

Iranian officials then also criticized the US for violating the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria and Iraq. “The US made another strategic mistake and took adventurous actions, increasing tension and instability in the region,” said Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani.

The US military, on the afternoon of February 2 (dawn of February 3, Hanoi time) carried out a large-scale airstrike on the Quds task force of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and militia groups backed by Tehran Conflict in Iraq and Syria. US military aircraft launched 125 guided shells at more than 85 targets in 8 locations during the raid.

The airstrike was in response to a drone attack on a US base in Jordan a week ago, killing three US soldiers. Washington accused pro-Tehran militia groups of carrying out the raid and pledged to respond, while Iran denied the accusation.

US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said the airstrike lasted 30 minutes and appeared to be successful, adding that Washington informed Baghdad before launching the attack. The US did not notify Iran of the attack in advance, but Mr. Kirby emphasized that the country “does not seek a war with Iran.”