Iranian Shahed 136 drone shoots down a Ukrainian Su-27

Ukrainian Air Force Major Denis Kirilyuk, who commanded an aviation squadron, was killed in an attack. The Ukrainian 831st Tactical Aviation Brigade has corroborated the reports. The 831st Tactical Brigade did not specify how the Ukrainian pilot was shot down in their press release.

Simultaneously, Izvestia reported that Iranian Shahed 136 [Geran-2] drones shot down Commander Denis Kirilyuk. The news agency made reference to a statement issued by the Russian Federation’s Ministry of Defense.

According to a news release, the Ukrainian Mi-8 helicopter was shot down by Russian forces. Ukrainian President Mr. Volodymyr Zelensky honored the pilot with the Order of Valor in 2022 for his 80 combat flights.

The military affirms one thing, the rulers another.

On the evening of March 27, the 831st Tactical Brigade received word that the Russian Air Force had launched an air raid. The strike utilized Shahed 136/131 drones in addition to aircraft explosives.

The Kherson area was targeted in the attack. The 831st Tactical Brigade claims that 13 Shahed 136 drones, 1 Granat 4 reconnaissance drone, 2 KABs, and Su-35 jets were involved in the strike.

Twelve Shahed-136/131 attack UAVs and one Granat-4 surveillance UAV were destroyed as a consequence of air warfare involving the forces and means of the Air Force and the air defense systems of other components of the Ukrainian Air Force, as reported by the 832nd Tactical Brigade.

Iran's Shahed-136 drones.
Iran’s Shahed-136 drones.

A brigade supporter on Facebook questioned the group’s claims, asking, “If 12 out of 13 were ousted, then why are seven governors claiming that their infrastructural facilities have been damaged?”

It’s not the first time.

The downing of a Ukrainian fighter jet by a drone is old news at this point, both in Ukraine and beyond. Assuming the Russian Defense Ministry’s account is accurate, the downed Su-27 would be the second instance of a combat aircraft being seized by a drone in Ukraine.

The first one happened towards the end of 2017 in another similar Russian attack. The Ukrainian pilot then engaged the Stakhed 136 kamikaze drones in a dogfight and destroyed them. It seems he was successful in taking them out with his gun. 

However, The Ukrainian plane was shot down after being hit by debris from the Shahed 136. Yet the pilot survived because he ejected.

Iranian Shahed 136 drone shoots down a Ukrainian Su-27

2022: Russian invasion of Ukraine

Russia blamed Ukrainian shelling for the destruction of an FSB border facility on February 21, 2022. Five Ukrainian soldiers were reportedly killed in Russia’s retaliation. They attempted a border crossing into Russia. Ukraine has claimed that both accidents were staged.

The DPR and LPR both received official recognition from Russia on the same day. Putin claims this applies across all of Ukraine, not just the regions under his de facto rule. Putin dispatched Russian tanks and troops to the area.

Putin orders the invasion.

On February 24, 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered an invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Armed Forces previously concentrated along the border. 

The invasion was followed by targeted airstrikes against military buildings in the country and the entry of tanks across the border with Belarus. The Ukrainian government called this action a “clear military aggression” and a “threat to international order.”

The reaction of the international community to this aggression was swift and forceful. NATO condemned the Russian action and demanded the immediate withdrawal of all Russian forces from Ukraine. 

The United States and the European Union also condemned the aggression and called on Russia to respect Ukraine’s sovereignty. The European Union also announced retaliatory measures, such as freezing the assets of Russian leaders, banning foreign travel, and restricting financial aid.

Military aid for Ukraine

In addition, several nations have offered their military support to Ukraine. The United States, Canada, Poland, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and other countries have offered military aid in the form of weapons, defense equipment, and military training. These nations have also sent humanitarian and economic aid to Ukraine to help the country’s recovery.

World leaders have also urged Russia to abandon its aggressive stance and return to negotiations. The OSCE has dispatched a monitoring mission to the area to ensure that the peace accords are being followed. In addition, the leaders of the EU countries met to discuss additional measures to deal with Russian aggression.

In time, we hope that international leaders will be able to stop Russian aggression and restore international order.

Moscow has so far denied that it is at war with Ukraine, calling instead the invasion a “special military operation.” A “special military operation” can only be conducted following a resolution from the United Nations. There is no way to solve this problem. So, it’s about a military invasion and conflict with Ukraine.