Iran wants to receive Russian S-400 missile systems.

Iran has asked Russia for a new air defense system, the S-400, which could prove disastrous for Israel. Russia has yet to confirm whether it will supply the S-400s publicly. In the case of supply, Iran will only need two years for the system to be operational.

Russia developed the S-400 to be a portable surface-to-air missile system. Fighter jets, unmanned aerial vehicles, and cruise missiles. It can also protect against terminal ballistic missiles, as the Center for Strategic and International Studies reported.

Ammunition for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has been coming through Iran, strengthening the two countries’ military ties. Russia is under pressure to provide Iran weapons as a present. Ukraine claims that Iran sent 2,400 drones to Moscow.

Israel, Russia, and Iran

Up to now, Israel has maintained a neutrality policy in its relations with Russia. This means Israel has only sent humanitarian aid to Ukraine, not military support or resources.

However, Israel has claimed responsibility for attacks on Iranian military factories. This has provoked veiled threats to Israel from Russia.

“I think we are getting to a point where the chances of success in making something militarily effective are getting smaller and smaller,” Professor Avner Cohen, one of the leading Israeli-American scholars on nuclear proliferation, warned in an interview with The Jerusalem Post.

“The longer you wait, the more difficult it becomes,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said of an attack on Iran at a security conference in Tel Aviv. “We have waited a long time. I can tell you that I will do everything I can to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.”

National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said Tehran had sent munitions to Russia last year. “We believe Russia could provide Iran with unprecedented defense cooperation, including missile, electronic, and air defense. We believe that Russia could provide Iran with fighter jets,” Kirby said in a widely reported call.

Israel also voted in favor of a resolution urging Russia to withdraw from Ukraine

Russia’s ambassador to the UN, Vasily Alekseyevich Nebenzya, said before the panel: “It is apparent that the Ukrainian crisis was nothing more than a spark that caused this terrible Russophobia to come to the surface and taint all the elites—both the United States and Europe.

Moscow branded the Jewish Agency in Russia illegal and labeled it a “foreign agent,” further straining already tense relations between the two countries.

The Jerusalem Post