Iran is ready to retaliate fiercely if Israel attacks
President Raisi spoke at the military parade in Tehran today. Photo: Reuters

Iranian President Raisi warned that he would react strongly if Israel attacked, while the country’s air force was maintaining the “best state of readiness”.

“Any attack by the Israeli government on our territory will lead to violent reactions,” President Ebrahim Raisi said at the parade celebrating Iran’s Army Day in the capital Tehran today.

Also at this event, Iranian air force commander Hamid Vahedi announced that the country’s military aircraft force is in the best state of readiness. “The entire airport, along with its interceptor and bomber forces, are ready to carry out the mission,” he said.

Iranian Navy Commander Shahram Irani previously announced that he was deploying the Jamaran missile guard ship to escort the country’s cargo ships in the Red Sea.

Iran on the night of April 13 and early morning of April 14 launched more than 300 drones and missiles at many targets in Israel in response to the attack on the consulate in Damascus, Syria earlier this month. The Israeli army coordinated with allies in the US, UK, France, and Jordan to intercept 99% of the projectiles launched by Iran.

Because Iran‘s raid did not kill Israeli citizens or cause major infrastructure damage, US officials believe that Israel will choose a soft response by targeting targets outside Iranian territory. , including Tehran’s proxy forces or Iranian soldiers stationed abroad.

Tel Aviv likely does not want its response to spark conflict in the Middle East or break the alliance that helped the country resist Tehran’s attack.