Iran: Future manufacturer of the Su-30 fighter?

According to sources close to the matter, Iran could be on the verge of joint production of Su-30 fighters. Collaboration between Russia and Iran on producing the advanced fighter jet could significantly strengthen Tehran’s military capabilities.

Iran and the ambition for the Su-30

For years Iran has shown interest in acquiring the Su-30. With lifting the UN arms embargo, Tehran is again targeting the powerful fighter jet.

Cooperation on the production of the Su-30 would allow Iran to improve its Air Force and develop advanced technologies in areas such as radar and avionics.

The production of an Iranian Su-30 could be a breakthrough for the country’s Air Force, allowing it to expand its military and technological capabilities.

Iran: Future manufacturer of the Su-30 fighter?

Russia: a key ally

Russia has been a critical partner for Iran in its efforts to modernize its combat capabilities. The Russian experience in the joint production of the Su-30 with India could be of great use to Iran in this project.

Furthermore, cooperation on the production of the Su-30 could allow Iran to develop an indigenous air-to-air missile with the help of Russia.

This alliance between Russia and Iran could pave the way toward a world order more favorable to their interests and less dependent on the influence of the United States.

Regional and global impact

A plant in Iran for the production of the Su-30 would have major regional policy consequences. Israel has already expressed concern that Iran’s acquisition of Su-35 fighters could upset the balance of power in the region.

Likewise, Iranian production of the Su-30 could further undermine US influence in the Middle East, a goal shared by both China and Russia.

The possible strengthening of the Iranian Air Force with the local production of the Su-30 could mark a before and after in the region and in the global dynamics.