Iran buys Su-35 fighters and Russian armed helicopters
The Su-35S fighter was built by Russia for Egypt to test fly in 2021. Photo: Russian Planes

Iran announced that it has completed a deal to purchase Su-35S multi-role fighters, Mi-28 attack helicopters, and training aircraft produced by Russia.

“The plan to staff Su-35S fighters, Mi-28 attack helicopters, and Yak-130 jet trainers for Iran’s combat units has been completed,” said Iranian Deputy Defense Minister Mehdi Farahi. on November 28, but did not disclose the number of aircraft ordered from Russia.

Iran currently operates more than 180 fighters of all types produced by the US, the Soviet Union, and China, of which the most powerful are dozens of F-14A heavy fighters delivered by Washington before 1979. However, the supply is limited. Limited components forced Tehran to find a way to supplement its forces, even though it had manufactured many spare parts and weapons for the F-14A.

Iran’s Air Force Commander Hamid Vahedi announced late last year that the country was considering buying Su-35S fighters from Russia.

Tehran announced in early September that it had received a series of Yak-130 aircraft, specialized aircraft used to train pilots for modern fighters such as the Su-35S, and deployed them at the Shahid Babaei base in the central part of the country. Iranian defense officials later said that the process of handing over the aircraft was part of military agreements with Russia.

Russia and Iran began military cooperation in 2001 but stopped in March 2016 after the United Nations Security Council passed a resolution banning the export of technology related to nuclear weapon deployment systems. to Iran, prohibiting Iran from exporting weapons and prohibiting countries from selling many types of conventional weapons to this country.

The Security Council in August 2020 rejected the US proposal to extend the ban on arms sales to Iran. This helps Russia provide Iran with modern weapons after the embargo expires. US President Joe Biden’s administration said Russia and Iran are developing “comprehensive defense relations”.

US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby in May commented that Russia and Iran expanded their defense partnership “at an unprecedented level”, saying that this was “harmful to Ukraine and the region”. Middle East and the international community”.