Indra and Thales Sign Collaboration Agreement to Promote Cutting-Edge Defense Systems

Introduction: Indra and Thales, two major global technology companies, have signed a collaboration agreement in defense to accelerate the development of European technologies and compete in both the Spanish and international markets.

Business Opportunities: Indra and Thales aim to capitalize on emerging business opportunities, particularly in radar systems, cybersecurity, communications, and simulation systems.

Cyber Defense: The two companies will strengthen their collaboration in EU programs such as AIDA (Data Analysis with Artificial Intelligence) and other initiatives with European and international clients.

Communications Systems: Leveraging their existing collaboration in communications systems, Indra and Thales will exploit synergies and technological complementarities to enhance their capabilities.

Steering Committee: A joint Steering Committee will be established to define strategy, analyze opportunities, and launch specific working groups.

Statements from CEOs:

  • JosĂ© Vicente de los Mozos, CEO of Indra, emphasized the importance of industrial collaboration for Europe’s technological leadership and the need for better systems and new state-of-the-art technologies.
  • Pascale Sourisse, Thales’s executive vice president of international development, highlighted the necessity for companies to collaborate and co-create to meet the evolving needs of customers in a rapidly changing environment.

Conclusion: The collaboration agreement between Indra and Thales reinforces the European defense industrial base, aligning with the EU Security and Defense Policy’s objectives. It aims to create a more open defense market, rationalize investment, and deliver innovative systems demanded by the armed forces.