Tanks have always been the prestige of the army. Whenever heavy firepower is required, however, these tanks come with limitations when geographical regions change. It’s hard to reach remote places to deliver heavy fire.

A tank well deals with ground fire, but when a country comprises multiple Icelands, transportation becomes a tough job. Let’s understand the features, the necessity of creating the world’s first tank boat, and why it is the need of the hour for a country like Indonesia?

What is a tank boat?

Tank boats are a modern innovation in defense forces to ease transportation of tanks over waters. Indonesian defense contractor PT Lundin first introduced the concept, and a prototype was being prepared in 2014. 

Tank boats are a smart combination of tanks and boats with well-equipped artillery and firepower. We can say it like, “Tank boats are floating tanks with sailing capabilities.”

Who created the world’s first tank Boat?

Asian country Indonesia has adapted a modern world’s first tank boat approved by the defense ministry of Indonesia. 

The defense website of Indonesia has shared this information about the adaptation of a tank boat developed by PT Lundin, a defense lessee.  According to reports of Indonesian media, PT Lundin has got approval for the development of tanks boats in small numbers. They will get more production orders if the trial is successful.

Necessity and purpose of the tank boat

Tank boat
Image: autoevolution.com

Indonesia is not a country that has plain continuous lands. It consists of more than Seventeen thousand islands and is considered the largest country made up of the archipelago. Such a massive number of Islands makes it hard for Indonesia to keep control of all of them. Only 6000 Islands out of total numbers are inhabitable. 

The remaining are not feasible to control even if they become habitable due to various regions, including odd geographical conditions. These hard to control islands become a plus point for terrorists and drug mafia groups. They take control over these lands and are involved in illegal activities. It has become a necessity for Indonesian defense forces to tackle these hidden enemies in their territory.

However, there are no roads to reach such remote places, so transportation and military operations are not easy. To bring these illegal activities under the control of the country, defense manufacturers proposed the idea of high-speed boats with top-class artillery features.

Features of tank boat

Let’s look at some insights about the boat tank, making it a unique addition to the Indonesian army.

Carriage of marines

The hybrid design of this tank boat can carry many troops as per the requirements of the operation. This feature makes it unique and flexible for hard-to-reach islands with more soldiers.

Dimension and design of a hybrid boat

The tank boat has a width of 6.4 meters and an overall length of 18 meters. It’s usually swifter due to its dual hull catamaran design. Catamaran design offers dual contact points with the ocean, which gives it incredible speed. 

Catamaran design offers great buoyancy, which eases transportation of extra people or goods on the ship. The boat is equipped with a propulsion system of water-jet and a high-efficiency engine of 1200 hp. The boat can provide a high speed of 40 knots. One refueling is enough for a nautical journey of 960 kilometers.

Fire capabilities of tank boat

Tank boat
Image: www.navalnews.com

This unique tank boat is built up with mighty artillery with heavy firepower. This 105mm artillery provides a distant automated cannon station of 12.7mm.  It can shoot high-explosive shells, which can pierce and destroy high thickness walls and armored vehicles of enemies hidden on the Island.

The special thing about this tank boat is, it’s a wide range of firing. It can easily destroy hostile lands in seconds with an elevated angle of 42° with complete automation. Rapid launch of fire on desired areas quickly destroys places of invasion by drug mafias or terrorists.

Benefits by tank boat

The area of advantages is vast, ranging from the addition of new weaponry in the Indonesian army to easy tackle and control over hard-to-reach islands. 

Speed delivered by catamaran design and accuracy to the target beats almost any group of enemy stations. If many tank boats are deployed in a single operation, they can deceive their enemies by attacking from various directions and ruin their hostile land in no time.

It can carry more than 20 troops and land them on a nearby shore for complete clearance of hidden enemies on the Island after multiple fire attacks. 


Final words about the world’s first tank boat

Indonesian land requires the allocation of tank boats to deal with its domestic groups of terrorism and drug supplying groups. It helps in gaining control over remote and hard-to-reach Islands. Such exemplary innovation in Indonesian defense services assures the all-around protection of the country.

Highly capable artillery and their transportation over water become feasible by tank boats. Brown water conflicts will get easily resolved with this high-speed catamaran design weaponry addition in Indonesian defense services.