Images circulating on Telegram show the transit of two  51P6A launchers belonging to the  S-400 system.

Russian commitment despite conflicts and sanctions

According to their source, these photographs show two of the S-400 systems destined for Indian defenses, scheduled for delivery by the end of 2024. Despite the tension between  Russia and  Ukraine and Western sanctions, Russia is moving forward with its military agreements with India.

The transit of the  S-400  sighted indicates that they are in the final stage before their final delivery. After passing standard tests, these systems will be consigned to the Indian forces.

9M96E: Power and precision of the Russian missile

The  9M96E missile, an essential part of the  S-400 system, is a surface-to-air projectile designed by Russia. This missile, capable of neutralizing airplanes,  helicopters and  UAVs, stands out for its technical specifications.

With a length of approximately 5.55 meters and a diameter of 0.51 meters, the  9M96E  weighs around 420 kilograms. Equipped with a powerful fragmentation warhead, this missile is propelled by a solid-fuel rocket motor, guaranteeing speed and maneuverability.

This missile can hit targets up to a distance of 120 kilometers, giving the  S-400  impressive coverage, ideal for protecting vast regions and essential assets.

The military relationship between Russia and India

Indian S-400 systems with 9M96E missiles spotted in RussiaS-400 system

2018 during a bilateral summit, India signed an agreement to acquire five  S-400 systems from Russia. This system is recognized worldwide for its advanced air defense technology, showing India’s intention to enhance its air defense and solidify its military relationship with Russia.

Regarding the deployment of the  S-400  in Indian territory, no specific locations have been provided. However, these will likely be placed strategically to guard military bases, key installations and other assets throughout the country.

The  S-400  is perfect for defending large areas like metropolises, industrial zones and military bases. Deployment locations will be defined based on perceived threats and India’s defensive strategy.

International repercussions of the agreement

Indian S-400 systems with 9M96E missiles spotted in RussiaS-400 surface-to-air missile systems on display during the 2010 May Day parade. (Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)

India’s decision to acquire the  S-400 systems has caused concern internationally, especially in the United States. The American nation has expressed concern about how this agreement could affect the strategic relationship between both countries.

Still, India has maintained that its defense decisions are based on its security interests and its historical military relationship with Russia.