Indian Navy to Deploy Special Forces to G20 Summit in Kashmir

In response to recent terrorist threats, the Indian Navy will deploy MARCOS and NSG “black cat” commandos during the upcoming G-20 meetings in Srinagar, Kashmir.

Indian Navy in action

MARCOS commandos, specialized in maritime operations, and elite NSG commandos will join local and foreign security forces to ensure the protection of international dignitaries at the event.

India aims to present the Kashmir Valley as a major tourist destination, countering the perception of the region as a zone of conflict and terrorism.

The deployment of additional security forces responds to growing concerns about terrorist infiltration and recent attacks in the region.

Indian Navy to Deploy Special Forces to G20 Summit in Kashmir

Presence of Indian commandos at Dal Lake

MARCOS commandos will be present at Dal Lake and Jhelum River, while NSG commandos will provide additional security cover to forces already deployed.

The decision to deploy marine forces to Dal Lake surprised many, but it is not the first time that the MARCOS have been deployed in the Kashmir Valley.

These highly trained commandos have proven their worth in numerous operations, including fighting piracy in the Arabian Sea and deploying to Port Sudan.

G-20 and Kashmir

The G-20 will be held in Kashmir to show peace and normalcy in the region after the repeal of Article 370. Retired Captain DK Sharma claimed that marine commandos could detect any threat on the water, justifying their deployment to Dal Lake to ensure security during G20 meetings.

The NSG, on the other hand, is a special force designed to combat terrorism and has proven its worth in numerous incidents in India.

Security Cooperation before the G-20

A special security briefing for the G20 summit was conducted by the Jammu and Kashmir Police, with officers from the Indian Army, CRPF, BSF and intelligence agencies in attendance.

The joint deployment of security forces from India and other countries underscores the importance of cooperation in fighting terrorism and promoting peace in the region.