India could acquire 700 Zorawar tanks to face the Chinese threat.

India is considering buying at least 354 Zorawar light tanks in response to China’s growing military might and could double the number to 700 units in total.

The Zorawar Tank and its Relevance

The Zorawar tank is a project in the design phase, developed in India. Although it has not yet entered production, the Indian Army shows great interest in acquiring it, mainly due to the growing presence of Chinese light tanks on the common border.

China already has 500 Type 15 light tanks, ideal for operating in high-altitude areas such as those on the border between the two countries. Therefore, India seeks to increase its fleet of light tanks with the Zorawar.

This tank is expected to weigh 25 tons and run on specially developed fuel adapted to the extreme altitudes at which it will operate. The Soviet style will influence its design, with a crew of three and an automated weapons system.

Production plans and collaboration

New Delhi’s goal is for the Zorawar tank to enter serial production in 2024, although this is yet to be confirmed. Also, India could open a second production line and even turn to private sector companies to speed up the process.

Seeking a cheaper and more efficient solution, India could enter into an expanded partnership with the maker of the Zorawar tank. The idea is to develop other armored combat platforms based on its chassis, making maintenance easier and reducing costs.

A response to the Chinese threat

The acquisition of these light tanks seeks to counteract the growing Chinese military power on the common border. The regions of Ladakh, Uttarakhand, Tawang, and Arunachal Pradesh are areas of special interest, where light tanks have great performance in terms of firepower and mobility.

With the purchase of the Zorawar tank, India intends to guarantee security in its territory and balance the balance in terms of military capacity against China. The current situation is tense, and the acquisition of these tanks could be a key factor in the Indian defense.


India is looking to buy at least 354 Zorawar light tanks and could buy as many as 700 in response to the growing presence of Chinese tanks on its border. These tanks, specifically designed to operate at extreme altitudes, could be a key factor in defending Indian territory against the Chinese threat.