In recent operations, the  Israel Defense Forces (IDF)  carried out intense bombings in the Gaza Strip, affecting various points of interest.

Military operations in Gaza City

According to reports, more than 200 locations in a coastal sector of Gaza City were targets of airstrikes by  Israel. The operations focused on al-Furqan, an area that takes its name from a nearby mosque in the metropolis.

The  IDF  reported that these nighttime bombings represent the third attack in less than 24 hours on al-Furqan. The Israeli army has identified this region as a “nest of terror”, used by  Hamas to carry out offensives against  Israel.

Throughout these actions, around 450 points are estimated to be affected. Dozens of warplanes were involved in the offensive, according to IDF  statements.

Attacks on At-Tuffah district and home of Hamas leader

Previously, Israeli armed forces reportedly targeted more than 70 Hamas-associated locations in At-Tuffah, northeast of Gaza City. It is relevant to mention that these night bombings hit properties linked to Mohammad Deif, senior military commander of  Hamas.

Palestinian sources, replicated by Hebrew media, report that the air raids affected the residence of Deif’s father. This action caused the loss of life, including the leader’s brother, his descendant, and this brother’s granddaughter.

For his part, Walla referred to a report from Al Mayadeen, a Lebanese network with links to the terrorist group  Hezbollah, corroborating part of the