IDF kills Hamas economy minister

According to military sources, Jawad Abu Shamala, the aforementioned minister, managed Hamas’ financial resources.

In recent operations, the Israel Defense Forces claim to have neutralized prominent Hamas figures in the Gaza Strip.

Details of the military operation in the Gaza Strip

The IDF  has stated that during the night, with the help of drones, they eliminated the  Hamas Minister of Economy and another important leader of the politburo of this terrorist organization.

According to military sources, Jawad Abu Shamala, the aforementioned minister, managed Hamas ‘ financial resources   and “directed those funds towards the financing and promotion of terrorism both inside and outside the Gaza Strip.” On the other hand, Zakariya Abu Moammar was in charge of the group’s internal relations and, according to the  IDF, was a key player in decision-making and coordination with other terrorist groups in Gaza.

Additionally, it was reported that the latter maintained a close relationship with Yahya Sinwar, the main leader of  Hamas in Gaza, and was part of a select circle of leaders who decided and planned multiple actions against the State of  Israel.

Air attacks in strategic areas

The IDF  also reported conducting intense aerial bombardment in a specific sector of Gaza City, with more than 100 points attacked.

This sector called al-Furqan in recognition of a local mosque, is described by the military as a “bastion of terror,” being used by  Hamas as a platform to carry out attacks against  Israel. To carry out these attacks, dozens of military aircraft were deployed.

Likewise, in another operation, the  IDF  indicated that it neutralized an underground tunnel in Rafah used for smuggling weapons and materials. This tunnel was located on the border between Egypt and Gaza.

COGAT statement to Gaza residents

The  Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories  (COGAT) has issued a message addressed to the citizens of Gaza and  Hamas leaders, questioning the support that the Palestinian people provide to said terrorist group.

In a video, Major General  Ghassan Alian, leader of COGAT, said: “Kidnapping, mistreating and murdering children, women and the elderly is not humane. There is no justification for it. Instead of being horrified, Hamas has become ISIS, and Gazans celebrate.”

He went on to say: “Human beings should be treated as such. There will be no electricity or water [in Gaza]; there will only be destruction. “You wanted hell; you will have hell.”