IDF spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari referred this afternoon (Wednesday) to the technical failures discovered in the Home Front Command’s warning systems, one of which raised fears of the infiltration of Hezbollah drones on the border.

“There are no security incidents in the northern region and no launches from Lebanon. We are investigating a breakdown in the Home Front Command alerts. I would like to reassure the public. It is good that they have gone to protected areas, and it is good that they have entered their homes; this saves lives. According to the current instructions, it is possible to return to normal,” Hagar said.

Returning to the events of the fifth day of the war against Hamas, Hagari said that “the Air Force attacked terrorist areas, and at this stage, there is a great achievement in terms of control of the Hamas terrorist organization on the ground. Hamas finds it difficult to operate at a systemic level, and its vulnerability is significant. “Hamas’ functional capacity has been significantly damaged.”

“The periphery of Gaza remains defined as a combat zone, and IDF forces are deployed in all localities. According to our assessments, there are still terrorists in the area,” he added.

He noted that “there was a significant incident at Zikim Beach involving five terrorists, three of whom were killed. This is another open incident. “The public should know that the IDF has a high level of preparedness in the entire warfare field.”

Hagari also said that 189 IDF soldiers killed in combat in the current war have been identified, and 60 families have been informed that their relatives were kidnapped in the Gaza Strip. “This issue must be treated carefully: we face the tension between reliability and speed.”