IDF chief: Israel is at war and will prevail!

Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi wrote to IDF soldiers about Tuesday morning’s war in Gaza. The letter says like this:

IDF Chief of Staff to Soldiers and Commanders

Dear IDF Soldiers and Commanders: The State of Israel is at war and will prevail!

On the morning of Saturday, October 7, 2023, the terrorist organization Hamas began a murderous surprise attack against the State of Israel. They seek to destabilize Israel’s sovereignty through cruel and criminal actions. During this fateful hour, we uphold our oath to protect our homeland and Israel’s freedom and fight back. This is the 11th consecutive day that the IDF has struck the enemy from the air, land and sea.

We have destroyed the enemy’s infrastructure, leadership and capabilities and caused significant damage. We will chase and catch them everywhere and hit them hard. We are determined and unified in our mission to protect our home and are prepared for any situation on all fronts. Our uncompromising responsibility is to overwhelm the enemy and restore security everywhere.

We received a hard blow and we are responsible, but now the initiative is in our hands. Each of you has a role in the challenges that lie ahead. The war will be difficult and long and the IDF will prevail.

The IDF will prevail thanks to our dedication to the mission, our bravery and our camaraderie. The IDF will prevail because our war is just. The IDF will prevail thanks to the power of the nation of which we are a part. We will prevail thanks to our capabilities as we have trained for this mission. We will prevail, and in everything we do, we will act in accordance with the spirit of the IDF and its values.

We will remember our comrades, soldiers, commanders, and security forces to the rapid response teams and civilians who bravely assaulted the enemy and fought bravely and saved many lives. They fought and paid with their lives, but their blood was not absorbed into the ground in vain. They are our legacy, and we will continue their mission.

The Israeli people have faced difficulties in the past. The IDF was and remains the nation’s protector, and we are a generation of fighters who constitute another link in the chain of generations of protectors of the country. Our power, determination and unity will also prevail in this chapter of history.

The citizens of Israel trust you. I trust you.

Be strong and brave,

The chief of the General Staff

Lieutenant General Herzi Halevi