The IDF continues to attack the Gaza Strip from the sea and air. On Monday morning, IDF aircraft attacked terrorist targets belonging to the Hamas terrorist organization in the Gaza Strip.

IDF planes hit a Hamas operational command center in a mosque and an entry point to an offensive tunnel that terrorists used to invade Israel.

Jointly, IDF aircraft hit operational infrastructure located inside another mosque and a building used by Hamas. This again demonstrates how Hamas deliberately embeds its military infrastructure in civilian areas and holy sites in the Gaza Strip.

In addition, a terrorist tunnel and military infrastructure belonging to the Hamas terrorist organizations were hit, as well as several of their weapons depots.

On Monday night, another IDF plane hit a weapons complex as well as an Islamic Jihad operational meeting point inside a house that was occupied by a large number of terrorists. Two terrorists were killed when they tried to flee the scene. Furthermore, IDF vessels hit a large number of terrorist targets belonging to terrorist organizations.