zumwalt stealth destroyer

 The U.S.S. Zumwalt is undoubtedly the most expensive destroyer ever built by the U.S. The Zumwalt-class destroyer program is ambitious, and the Americans will begin incorporating long-range hypersonic missiles next year.

A shipyard in Mississippi is set to begin integrating the first long-range hypersonic weapons on a U.S. warship. The weapons will also be integrated on the destroyer U.S.S. Michael Monsoor, also of the Zumwalt class.

The United States already possesses two Zumwalt-class stealth destroyers, the U.S.S. Zumwalt and the U.S.S. Michael Monsoor. under t Three of these warships will be built.

The U.S.S. Michael Monsoor is the second destroyer of the class, following the first destroyer, the U.S.S. Zumwalt, which also bears the name of the class.

In March, an officer from the United States Naval Institute announced that the Zumwalt destroyers will begin integrating hypersonic weapons in October 2023.

In a news statement, the U.S. Navy states that a shipyard in Mississippi will be used for the upgrade. At first, it was thought that Zumwalt-class destroyers wouldn’t be able to incorporate hypersonic systems until around the year 2025.

The destroyers feature stealth technology, advanced sensors, and a new propulsion system. They can operate drones and helicopters and will also be integrated into the hypersonic program of the United States of America.

Until hypersonic weapons integration, destroyers of this class have the most advanced guided missile systems. The cost of such a Zumwalt-class ship is estimated between 3.5 and 4 billion dollars.